Why Your Bed Should Be Your Oasis

Why Your Bed Should Be Your Oasis

Did you know that the average person sleeps for 229,961 hours in their lifetime? This of course is if you are averaging 8 hours a day. Now unless you are constantly traveling, for most of us that is a ton of time spent in your bed. So why shouldn’t your bed be your oasis? I am a firm believer in a comfortable bed. I basically want to be swallowed by my bed. I’m talking multiple pillows, soft sheets, and a down comforter as soft as clouds. This is one area I believe in splurging a little on. I also know when I can find an affordable option that hits the mark in meeting my comfort criteria, but doesn’t break the bank. Here are the key essentials and my go to suggestions to creating the perfect sleeping oasis in your room.


In my mid-twenties I had a back injury from my job. It was awful. I spent 6 months in chronic pain trying different muscle relaxers and going to physical therapy. In the end I found that therapeutic massage and the chiropractor worked best. This experience also prompted me to look further into a mattress and realize that it’s an investment that is worth the extra money. Ultimately, I went with a Sleep Number and couldn’t be more happy. I love that as I age and my body changes, I can change the firmness of the bed. The 25-year limited warranty was also a selling point for me. Yes, I was spending a chunk of change on a bed, but it was going to last me for the next 25 years minimum. Not having a ton of money at the time, I went with financing. Paid it off in 12 months with no interest. Win-win in my book!


I’ve tried tons of sheets throughout the years, from tshirt material to silk. Sheets are the first to wear out. They take the most wear and tear so I try to go for sheets that are durable and affordable knowing they will need to be replaced. One day I stumbled upon these sheets from Wayfair. I had never ordered anything from Wayfair before so I was a little leery. The reviews were good and the price was only $24.99, so I decided to give them a shot. Oh My Gosh! These are the softest sheets I have ever had. Crawling into bed is like a dream. Seriously.

Why Your Bed Should Be Your Oasis

Comforter vs Duvet 

Personally, I am a fan of the down comforter with duvet set. I found this amazing down comforter at a super affordable price. The feathering doesn’t shift inside, which can be very annoying if you’ve had to deal with that. I also like that I can have a few different styled duvets and change them out when I feel like changing the feel of the room. Currently, I am using a white duvet that I love. I like the lighter and brighter colors for a bedroom, so this duvet was perfect for me.


There are so many choices when it comes to pillows. Earlier this year I was staying at a hotel in Santa Rosa, California and fell in love with their pillows. I came home and ordered them right away. Not only are they some of the most comfortable pillows I have slept on, they are also hypoallergenic and great for things like…my asthma.

Decorative Pillows

Once you have picked out the pillows you will sleep on, then comes the fun part. Decorative pillows. Kind of one of my favorite things. Decorative pillows are such a fun way to switch up the feel or theme of a room and add some creative texture and color to your bedding. I love mixing and matching from different companies to bring it all together.

What are your favorite bedding products or brands? I’m always looking for great suggestions and would love to know!

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  1. Totally agree! I do not skimp on the comfort of my bed. Going to re-evaluate my sheets!!!

  2. Those sheets !!! Look so comfy !! I never have gotten anything from wayfair either now ill buy some soft sheets

  3. Love love love! I agree, a bed should be as comfortable as possible. I know that I am relaxing once I’m in my bed lol.

  4. Leanne Brookes says:

    I love my bed but I don’t think I’ve invested enough in it. I’ve got a bad back at the moment too and I’m convinced my bed is making it worse. Your post has made me want to crawl into bed. Thanks for sharing, Leanne x

  5. This is really important! I read in a book once that you spend most of your life in your bed or in your shoes, so you should invest well in both of them! Such a good post. 🙂

  6. As a fellow bed-lover this post is everything! Trying these sheets!

  7. I’m such a big fan of a comfy bed! I’m really obsessed with pillows though. I don’t think my bed is complete without lots of comfy pillows. I’ll definitely check out the ones that you suggested!

  8. omg i totally agree!! I am the kind of person who thinks that my bed is sacred. After all is where I come to rest every night.
    Great tips!

  9. Love this post! My bed is totally my oasis!!! Plus, who doesn’t love decorative pillows?

  10. I’m in my bed as I read this!!! I love my bed and it has to be super comfortable. Will be investing in a new mattress soon!

  11. This is so true! Funny, it’s something I never really thought about until I was in my mid 20’s, but now it’s so important for me to be comfy & cozy in my bed. Definitely going to look into those sheets!

  12. I really like wayfair. I bought a rug from them. But I’m a sucker for a duvet. I don’t know why because it’s such work to put the inset in the duvet but I just love the comfortness.

  13. I couldn’t agree more about investing in you bed. it is a direct reflection of the level of investment you have in yourself. I get good quality beds and high quality sheets.

  14. Great post! I would also add that I like to reserve my bed for relaxation time.. so no work on the laptop. Just time to myself as I rest or get ready for bed. Even better when it feels like my oasis.

  15. Totally agree. One thing I will never feel bad about splurging on is the place I lay my head every night. Love this post.

  16. This post is so me! I love my bed always said it’s my sanctuary! Great post.

  17. Great ideas! I tend to try to bargain shop, but probably should invest in higher quality sheets!

  18. I love sleeping and so my bed is my favorite place to be… 🙂 I totally agree with these tips, I will definitely invest in some more comfortable pillows soon. Thank you for sharing

  19. I’m so obsessed with home decor- especially my bed!! I love a white fluffy duvet and decorative pillows 🙂

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