Why We Have Date Night And Our Date Box Experience ($10 off included)

Life is busy. There’s no other way around it. We are constantly pulled in multiple directions of things to do, things left to be done, and things we rush through to get off our plate. A typical week for my husband and me is work 40 hours, gym time in the evenings, cook dinner, maybe time for one Netflix show, and then time for bed so we can do it all over again.

Then there are the weekends. Filled with family obligations, running errands we couldn’t get done during the week, and projects around the house. Before we know it weeks and weeks have passed and we haven’t spent too much time focusing on us.

Our marriage is important to us and we wanted to make it a priority. We decided that one night a week we would set the evening aside for Date Night. Each week we take turns. If it is our turn, it is up to us to plan the entire date. This allows for each of us to fit our own interests into the mix and not get bogged down on routine.

Why We Have Date Night And Our Date Box Experience

One thing I have been seeing advertised and was curious about was the Date Box. I figured this would be a perfect addition to add in once a month on our date night. Plus there is something fun about the surprise of a night neither one of you planned. I love surprises and my husband is definitely more spontaneous than I am, so it fits us very well.

Our first Date Box we received was an Escape Cruise. Have you ever done an Escape Room? We did with a group of friends last year and loved it. So you can imagine how excited we were that this was our first Date.

Upon opening it we were provided with directions that included a link for a custom Playlist. I really loved this part! It was so fun to have a playlist of fun songs playing in the background. Next, we made some caramel popcorn and apple cider to enjoy.

Why We Have Date Night And Our Date Box Experience

Finally, we got to get into the game part of it all. We were given envelopes numbered 1 through 3. Starting with envelope 1, we were given clues to solve. Using the online timer through the link provided, we were given hints if too much time had passed and we were stuck.

Each time we solved the code in the envelope, it was on to the next. I don’t want to give away all the details, because that’s no fun. In the end we were able to escape with 10 minutes remaining. Pretty good for teamwork!

Why We Have Date Night And Our Date Box Experience

Part of what I loved about this game was we were able to see where our strengths were and weren’t. For instance, my husband is a rock star at math. I can get through math problems, but not as fast as he can. My strengths are more in the noticing the small details in a situation, room, etc.

If you’ve ever been interested in trying Date Box, you can get a $10 credit if you use my referral code! I highly recommend giving it a try and setting aside a night for you and your significant other to have some fun!

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  1. This sounds amazing! Will need to look into this.


    1. I agree! They can be very hard to make time for with busy schedules.

  2. That is such a good idea! So creative!

  3. Date boxes are so much fun! We’ve done datelivery and have loved it! Gonna have to try this one next!

    1. I haven’t heard of that one. Will have to check that out too!

    1. That’s my favorite part too. Our box this week had a playlist of Christmas music and it was awesome.

  4. We definitely always plan for date night. It’s so important for a healthy relationship to have time for just us 2. This date box is such a cute idea!

    1. Agreed! It’s nice to have an affordable option to maybe get some new ideas you haven’t thought of.

  5. What a cool idea! I definitely want to try this!

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