Fun Truck Themed Birthday Party for 2 Year Old

Our baby boy is officially 2 years old! He is obsessed with all trucks and basically any type of heavy machinery. Garbage trucks, tow trucks, recycle trucks, fire trucks, delivery trucks, tractors, dump trucks, pickup trucks…you name it, this kid loves them. Naturally it only seemed fitting that we have a truck themed birthday party to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

Although it’s September, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic so this year’s party looked very different than last year. We personally chose to not host an actual party and just celebrate with the three of us. Here are all the details from our quarantine birthday party of 3, along with some other fun ideas I came across for you to create your own truck themed party! 

DIY Balloon Garland

Everyone loves a good balloon garland. Lucky for me, my husband has become pretty skilled at putting these together. We ordered this amazing kit from All Events Prints. I loved how much I could customize it. I chose to go with different shades of blues, add in some white, and picked some fun confetti ones too. Depending on what your colors are you can customize the confetti pieces as well.

Truck Themed Birthday Party for 2 Year Old

If you’re choosing to tackle your own DIY banner here are a few tips that we’ve learned from our experience.

  1. Give yourself a couple days. It takes time to blow up all those balloons and assemble the banner. Our kit recommended starting to assemble no more than 48 hours ahead of time for the best look. We wanted to take pictures on Saturday morning, so we started the process Thursday night.
  2. Different sized balloons look the best. Your kit will come with large and small balloons. To help fill in the gaps with some medium sized balloons, don’t blow the large ones up all the way.   
  3. Purchase the right size for the space. Determine where you want to hang your balloon garland and how much space you will need. The DIY kit we purchased offers balloon garlands from 5 to 50 feet long. We chose a 10 foot kit. 


Happy Birthday Banner

I purchased this banner from Tyler Grace Company. The original banner came with these adorable two blue trucks. I wanted some pops of yellow so I asked if the blue trucks could be swapped with some construction trucks. The seller was so accommodating and I love how it turned out.


Birthday Milestone Chalkboard Sign

Last year I ordered this amazing birthday chalkboard milestone sign. I thought it would be such a fun thing to have every year to note all the changes. Unfortunately, it was ruined during our move earlier this year. When I reached out to the shop I ordered it from they were no longer making them. Luckily, I found someone local to recreate this for me. 


Truck Themed Cookies

We have a local cookie girl we use every year for our celebrations. If You Were A Cookie does the most amazing job. Everytime I send her some photos of my ideas she hits it out of the park. This year’s cookies included a dump truck, garbage truck, blue pickup truck, and a speed limit 2 sign for his second birthday! 

Truck Themed Birthday Party for 2 Year Old


Construction Themed Birthday Cake

Themed cakes add such an element of fun to any party. Especially when it’s a toddler’s birthday party. For our son’s cake I wanted to find a way to tie in the blues and yellows like I did with the Happy Birthday banner. I contacted Steph’s Sweets Shop, a local baker in town. She made my vision come to life with a sky background, construction trucks around the cake, and a dump truck cake topper to complete the look. 

Truck Themed Birthday Party for 2 Year Old


Truck Themed Cupcakes

We didn’t have cupcakes this year, but I think they are such a fun option. Cupcakes are easy to serve guests and you can include multiple flavors. If you’re making the cupcakes here are some cute cupcake toppers you could use for this theme. 


Truck Themed Birthday Decorations

You’ve probably heard the phrase “It’s all in the details” before. A good theme can take a party from average to creative, fun, and memorable. Breathe some life into your party by focusing on all those little details within the decor. Depending on the space you are working with and how creative you want to get, there is no limit to the amount of fun decor ideas. 


Truck Themed Invitations

I absolutely adore invitations! They might be my favorite part of planning the party. There’s something about the excitement and anticipation of an upcoming event, which all starts with the invitation. 

Every year I save a copy of the invitations we send out. It’s my one keepsake of the day, which made it really hard for me not to create invitations this year. Since we weren’t hosting an actual party, there wasn’t anyone to send an invitation to.

Although we didn’t do invitations this year, I gathered some super fun truck themed ideas that you can use to create for your party! 


Truck Themed T-Shirts

I’m kind of a huge fan of matching family shirts. I never thought I would be that mom until we had our son. I’m also a fan of fun shirts for your kids. They’re only little for once and life is way too short to be serious all the time. If your little one loves trucks here are some cute shirt ideas.


Truck Themed Birthday Gifts

If you’re creating a birthday party with a truck theme it is probably pretty obvious that your child loves trucks. I’m betting this means they will love a gift that has anything to do with trucks. My son does! I pulled together some fun gift ideas. You can add these to a wishlist for your child’s birthday or purchase some of these yourself.  


Final Thoughts

If your little one is obsessed with trucks there are a ton of great ideas you can use for a truck themed birthday party. I had a lot of fun decorating for our son even if it wasn’t the big birthday bash we had hoped for. Seeing his eyes light up at all the trucks when he saw the decorations made it all worth it.

Looking for more party ideas for your little one? Head over to our Ages & Phases Section to see more! 

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