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Best 100 Middle Names For Luca or Luka

If you’re looking for a name with more European flair than Lucas and Luke, Luca might be a great option for you. This charming Italian name has quickly found its way into parent’s hearts as a favorite choice.

If you’re considering naming your son Luca, we’ve compiled a list of the best middle names for Luca below.  

Meaning of the Name Luca

Luca is the Italian and Romanian form of the name Lucas. It comes from the Greek name Λουκᾶς (Loukas) meaning “from Lucania.” Lucania is a region in southern Italy of uncertain meaning. 

OriginItalian and Romanian

Best Middle Names for Luca or Luka

If you’re looking for a classic middle name or something more unique, we’ve compiled some of our favorite options here.

  1. Luca Abraham
  2. Luca Ace
  3. Luca Adrian
  4. Luca Aiden
  5. Luca Alejandro
  6. Luca Alexander
  7. Luca Aston
  8. Luca Atlas
  9. Luca Aziel
  10. Luca Baylor
  11. Luca Benjamin
  12. Luca Bennett
  13. Luca Braxton
  14. Luca Briggs
  15. Luca Bryce
  16. Luca Caleb
  17. Luca Callum
  18. Luca Carlos
  19. Luca Cash
  20. Luca Clark
  21. Luca Cohen
  22. Luca Corbin
  23. Luca Dalton
  24. Luca Dawson
  25. Luca Dean
  26. Luca Desmond
  27. Luca Dominic
  28. Luca Donovan
  29. Luca Easton
  30. Luca Eli
  31. Luca Elliot
  32. Luca Emmanuel
  33. Luca Enzo
  34. Luca Everett
  35. Luca Finn
  36. Luca Ford
  37. Luca Gage
  38. Luca Gavin
  39. Luca Gianni
  40. Luca Giovanni
  41. Luca Grady
  42. Luca Grayson
  43. Luca Harvey
  44. Luca Hayes
  45. Luca Hendrix
  46. Luca Hudson
  47. Luca Huxley
  48. Luca Isaac
  49. Luca Jace
  50. Luca Jaiden
  51. Luca James
  52. Luca Jasper
  53. Luca Jeffrey
  54. Luca Jonas
  55. Luca Julius
  56. Luca Kaden
  57. Luca Kane
  58. Luca Knox
  59. Luca Lawson
  60. Luca Lennox
  61. Luca Levi
  62. Luca Lorenzo
  63. Luca Marcos
  64. Luca Marshall
  65. Luca Maverick
  66. Luca Maxwell
  67. Luca Miguel
  68. Luca Nash
  69. Luca Nathaniel
  70. Luca Nicholas
  71. Luca Odin
  72. Luca Oliver
  73. Luca Patrick
  74. Luca Paxton
  75. Luca Phillip
  76. Luca Pierre
  77. Luca Pierce
  78. Luca Rafael
  79. Luca Reid
  80. Luca Rhys
  81. Luca Roberto
  82. Luca Royce
  83. Luca Samuel
  84. Luca Santiago
  85. Luca Sebastian
  86. Luca Simon
  87. Luca Sterling
  88. Luca Sullivan
  89. Luca Tanner
  90. Luca Tate
  91. Luca Titus
  92. Luca Travis
  93. Luca Tripp
  94. Luca Tyler
  95. Luca Vincent
  96. Luca Wade
  97. Luca Weston
  98. Luca Wilder
  99. Luca Wyatt
  100. Luca Zane


How To Pick a Middle Name

Do You Need A Middle Name?

In short, no. You do not need to give your child a middle name.  You can choose to only give your child a first name and last name. There are no laws or requirements in regard to middle names.

However, according to research in the European Journal of Social Psychology, using middle initials in your name increases people’s perception of your intelligence.

Providing your child with a middle name will help differentiate them from others who share their same name. It also gives them a second option. Some children choose to go by their middle names instead of their first names as they grow older.

We all know how important it is to find the perfect name for our children. But did you know that in some cultures, middle names can be used as a way to give your child an additional identity? A new connection with their family history or heritage. 

Here we will explore the things you should consider when giving your children a middle name!

Family Names

A child’s middle name is a great way to honor a beloved family member. It could be someone who has passed or a living family member who means a lot to the parents. Middle names don’t need to be gender-specific, so this could be a good place to include male or female family members. 

Some parents like to include family surnames, such as the mother’s maiden name, as a middle name. This allows both sides of the family to pass down their name to the child. Any name that is meaningful to the family can make a nice middle name.

Flow and Initials

Probably the most important thing parents think of when choosing their child’s name is how it all sounds together. The first, middle, and last name should flow nicely together.

Many popular middle names are short, one or two syllable names because they pair well with most first names.

If family members speak another language or have an accent, take into consideration how everyone will be pronouncing the names when determining how they fit together

Monograms are popular in Southern culture, but it is still helpful to consider your child’s initials regardless of where you live.

Monograms for women are typically in the order of first name initial, large last name initial, and then middle name initial.

For men, the initials are usually in order of first, middle, and then last name. Avoid spelling out unfortunate words with the initials.

Middle names and their initials can also be used for nicknames. For example, Mary Elizabeth can be shortened to Mary Beth. Or, Elizabeth Zoe can be shortened to the initials E. Z. As a nickname. 

If you just can’t narrow it down to a first name and a middle name, you can always include multiple middle names. In the United States, most people only have one middle name, but it is common around the world to have two or more.

It is recommended not to add too many middle names though. Most paperwork only leaves a spot for a single middle name or initial and multiple names can lead to confusion.

Special Meanings

A child’s middle name is a great way to pay homage to anything that holds special meaning to the parents. Some inspiration for names includes:

  • Influential people in your life
  • Characters from books, movies, or television
  • Locations that hold memories
  • Languages that are important to the family
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First Name for Middle Name Luca or Luka

If you’re considering Luca or Luka as a middle name, we’ve put together a list of some great first name options here.

  • Aaron Luca
  • Aiden Luca
  • Alex Luca
  • Anderson Luca
  • Anthony Luca
  • Austin Luca
  • Beckham Luca
  • Bentley Luca
  • Bodhi Luca
  • Brian Luca
  • Caiden Luca
  • Callan Luca
  • Cameron Luca
  • Carter Luca
  • Collin Luca
  • Dallas Luca
  • Damien Luca
  • Daniel Luca
  • Devin Luca
  • Dylan Luca
  • Easton Luca
  • Eli Luca
  • Elijah Luca
  • Emilio Luca
  • Ezra Luca
  • Finley Luca
  • Finnegan Luca
  • Frederick Luca
  • Gabriel Luca
  • Gianni Luca
  • Gideon Luca
  • Gregory Luca
  • Harrison Luca
  • Hector Luca
  • Hunter Luca
  • Ian Luca
  • Isaac Luca
  • Jacob Luca
  • Jameson Luca
  • Jensen Luca
  • Julian Luca
  • Keegan Luca
  • Kingston Luca
  • Kyle Luca
  • Landon Luca
  • Lennox Luca
  • Leonardo Luca
  • Lorenzo Luca
  • Malachi Luca
  • Manuel Luca
  • Matthew Luca
  • Nathan Luca
  • Nicholas Luca
  • Nolan Luca
  • Oliver Luca
  • Owen Luca
  • Peyton Luca
  • Philip Luca
  • Rafael Luca
  • Remy Luca
  • Riley Luca
  • Rylan Luca
  • Samuel Luca
  • Sebastian Luca
  • Silas Luca
  • Sterling Luca
  • Tatum Luca
  • Theodore Luca
  • Timothy Luca
  • Victor Luca
  • William Luca
  • Wyatt Luca
  • Zachary Luca

Nicknames for Luca

  • Lou
  • Lu
  • Luke
  • Luki

Variations of Luca

  • Luke (Biblical) 
  • Loukas (Biblical Greek) 
  • Lucas (Biblical Latin)
  • Lukas, Lucas (Danish) 
  • Lucas, Loek, Lukas, Luuk (Dutch) 
  • Lucas, Luka, Luke, Lucky (English)
  • Louka, Luc, Lucas (French)
  • Lukas (German) 
  • Loukas (Greek)
  • Lúcás (Irish)
  • Łukasz (Polish) 
  • Lucas (Portuguese) 
  • Luka (Russian)
  • Lucas (Spanish) 
  • Lukas, Lucas (Swedish)

Names Similar to Luca

Sibling Boy Names that go with Luca or Luka

  • Luca and Asher
  • Luca and Atlas
  • Luca and Beckham
  • Luca and Bo
  • Luca and Caleb
  • Luca and Carlos
  • Luca and Dean
  • Luca and Dylan
  • Luca and Easton
  • Luca and Eli
  • Luca and Elijah
  • Luca and Enzo
  • Luca and Forrest
  • Luca and Ford
  • Luca and Garrett
  • Luca and Grayson
  • Luca and Harrison
  • Luca and Holden
  • Luca and Isaac
  • Luca and Ivan
  • Luca and Jackson
  • Luca and Jameson
  • Luca and Jeremiah
  • Luca and Jonah
  • Luca and Joseph
  • Luca and Kaiden
  • Luca and Kingston
  • Luca and Knox 
  • Luca and Leonard
  • Luca and Liam
  • Luca and Lincoln
  • Luca and Maverick
  • Luca and Miles
  • Luca and Nolan
  • Luca and Oscar
  • Luca and Parker
  • Luca and Preston
  • Luca and Ryland
  • Luca and Sebastian
  • Luca and Silas
  • Luca and Stephen
  • Luca and Thomas
  • Luca and Timothy
  • Luca and Vincent
  • Luca and Wyatt

Sibling Girl Names that go with Luca or Luka

  • Luca and Addison
  • Luca and Ainsley
  • Luca and April
  • Luca and Blake
  • Luca and Brianna
  • Luca and Brooklyn
  • Luca and Brynlee
  • Luca and Carly
  • Luca and Camille
  • Luca and Delaney
  • Luca and Desiree
  • Luca and Elise
  • Luca and Emma
  • Luca and Everly
  • Luca and Fiona
  • Luca and Gianna
  • Luca and Grace
  • Luca and Hannah
  • Luca and Hazel
  • Luca and Isabelle
  • Luca and Ivy
  • Luca and Jasmine
  • Luca and Jessica
  • Luca and Julia
  • Luca and Katherine
  • Luca and Kendall
  • Luca and Laurel
  • Luca and Lilly
  • Luca and Lucy
  • Luca and Mabel
  • Luca and Margaret
  • Luca and Monroe
  • Luca and Noelle
  • Luca and Olive
  • Luca and Ophelia
  • Luca and Paige
  • Luca and Penelope
  • Luca and Piper
  • Luca and Quinn
  • Luca and Rhianna
  • Luca and Sage
  • Luca and Skylar
  • Luca and Tianna
  • Luca and Vivienne
  • Luca and Wren
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History of the Name Luca or Luka

Luca is the Italian and Romanian form of the name Lucas. The name Lucas was commonly used during the Middle Ages alongside the name Luke.

The name Luke and all the derivatives come from the third gospel of the New Testament. Luke was one of the Four Evangelists and author of both the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. 

The Pauline Epistle to the Colossians refers to Luke as a physician. He is seen both as a doctor and a disciple of Paul. He is regarded as a saint among Christians.

Luca made a later appearance on the popular baby naming charts in the United States. Fueled by the influence of the growing popularity of Lucas and Luke, Luca first appeared on the charts in 2000. 

Luca has quickly climbed the charts and become a favorite choice among parents. As of 2020, Luca ranks as the 67th most popular boy’s name in the United States.  

The alternative spelling Luka first appeared on the baby naming charts in 2004. It too has quickly moved up the charts. As of 2020, Luka is the 163rd most popular boy’s name in America. 

Famous People with the Name Luca

Luca Arbore Moldavian statesman
Luca Badoer Italian racing driver
Luca Belcastro Italian composer
Luca Caputi Canadian ice hockey player
Luca Cunti Swiss ice hockey player
Luca Engstler German racing driver
Luca GiordanoItalian late-Baroque painter
Luca Guadagnino Italian film director
Luca “Luke” Pasqualino British actor in the television series Skins
Luca Ragazzi Italian film director, screenwriter, journalist, and actor
Luca Rangoni Italian racing driver
Luca della Robbia Italian sculptor
Luca Ronconi Italian actor, theater director, and opera director
Luka Bogdanović Serbian basketball player
Luka Dončić Slovenian basketball player
Luka Garza American basketball player
Luka Jones American actor and comedian in the television series Best Friends Forever and Up All Night
Luka Šulić Croatian-Slovenian cellist

Fictional Characters Named Luca

Luca a character in the video game Final Fantasy IV
Luca a character in the video game Angry Birds Stella
Luca a character in the anime series Tweeny Witches
Luca a character in the mobile game series Dragalia Lost
Luca a character from the rebooted Planet of the Apes film franchise
Luca Abele a character in the video game Dishonored 2
Luca Brasi a character in the novel and film The Godfather
Luca Esposito a character in the Japanese anime series Astra Lost in Space
Luca McIntyre a character in the soap opera Doctors
Luca Paguro a character in the Pixar film Luca
Luka Couffaine a character in the animated television series Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
Luka Kovač a character in the television series ER
Luka Macken a character in the anime Black Butler
Luka Urushibara a character in the visual novel Steins;Gate

Frequently Asked Questions

Luca is the short form of the name Lucas. Luca is also a standalone male given name.

Luca is predominantly a male given name, however it is a name given to females as well. Although not as popular as a female name, the name Luca is considered a unisex name.

Both spelling versions Luca and Luka have become increasingly popular in the United States. As of 2020, Luca ranks as the 67th most popular boy’s name and Luka ranks as the 163rd most popular boy’s name. 

Final Thoughts on Middle Names for Luca

Luca and Luka have both shot up in popularity on the United States baby naming charts. Parent’s are loving this Italian name as an alternative choice from the popular Lucas and Luke.

We hope our list of middle names has been useful in your search for the perfect baby name! 

If you’re looking for more first name and middle name ideas, head over to our Baby Names section!

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