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Best 100 Middle Names For Kaylee

If you’re looking for a truly modern name, Kaylee might be the perfect fit for you. This name was created during modern times and follows the cutesy trend of “-ee” names. 

We’ve compiled a list of the best middle names for Kaylee below. 

Meaning of the Name Kaylee or Kayleigh

The name Kaylee is a modern American creation that has no specific meaning. The name was created by combining the name Kay with the popular name suffix lee

Kay is a short form of the name Katherine. One could extrapolate the meaning of Katherine, but even that etymology is debated. Some think it could derive from an earlier Greek name Ἑκατερινη (Hekaterine) meaning “each of the two.” Others think it is related to the greek word Greek αἰκία (aikia) meaning “torture.” While some believe it is derived from a Coptic name meaning “my consecration of your name.” 

OriginModern Creation

Best Middle Names for Kaylee or Kayleigh

Whether you’re looking for a traditional middle name or something modern to compliment the name Kylee, we’ve put together our favorite options here. 

  1. Kaylee Adele
  2. Kaylee Adeline
  3. Kaylee Alexa
  4. Kaylee Alexandra
  5. Kaylee Anissa
  6. Kaylee Anne
  7. Kaylee Bexley
  8. Kaylee Blair
  9. Kaylee Blake
  10. Kaylee Braylee
  11. Kaylee Briar
  12. Kaylee Brielle
  13. Kaylee Capri
  14. Kaylee Camille
  15. Kaylee Chanel
  16. Kaylee Cheyenne
  17. Kaylee Claire
  18. Kaylee Colette
  19. Kaylee Danielle
  20. Kaylee Dleanie
  21. Kaylee Denise
  22. Kaylee Dior
  23. Kaylee Drew
  24. Kaylee Eileen
  25. Kaylee Elaine
  26. Kaylee Eleanor
  27. Kaylee Eliza
  28. Kaylee Elizabeth
  29. Kaylee Everly
  30. Kaylee Fiona
  31. Kaylee Genevieve
  32. Kaylee Georgette 
  33. Kaylee Giselle
  34. Kaylee Grace
  35. Kaylee Harper
  36. Kaylee Haze
  37. Kaylee Hermione
  38. Kaylee Irene
  39. Kaylee Iris
  40. Kaylee Isabelle
  41. Kaylee Isla
  42. Kaylee Jade
  43. Kaylee Jane
  44. Kaylee Janelle
  45. Kaylee Jayleen
  46. Kaylee Jocelyn
  47. Kaylee Joelle
  48. Kaylee Josephine
  49. Kaylee Joy
  50. Kaylee Juiliette
  51. Kaylee June
  52. Kaylee Kate
  53. Kaylee Kenzie
  54. Kaylee Kiara
  55. Kaylee Lennon
  56. Kaylee Leona
  57. Kaylee Liliana
  58. Kaylee Lucia
  59. Kaylee Lucille
  60. Kaylee Maddison
  61. Kaylee Maeve
  62. Kaylee Mariana
  63. Kaylee Marie
  64. Kaylee Margot
  65. Kaylee Marjorie
  66. Kaylee Marlowe
  67. Kaylee May
  68. Kaylee Monroe
  69. Kaylee Nevaeh
  70. Kaylee Nicole
  71. Kaylee Noelle
  72. Kaylee Nora
  73. Kaylee Odette
  74. Kaylee Olivia
  75. Kaylee Paige
  76. Kaylee Paisley
  77. Kaylee Parker
  78. Kaylee Pearl
  79. Kaylee Peyton
  80. Kaylee Phoenix
  81. Kaylee Piper
  82. Kaylee Quinn
  83. Kaylee Raelynn
  84. Kaylee Reagan
  85. Kaylee Regina
  86. Kaylee Reese
  87. Kaylee Rosalie
  88. Kaylee Rose
  89. Kaylee Rowan
  90. Kaylee Sage
  91. Kaylee Savannah
  92. Kaylee Sawyer
  93. Kaylee Saylor
  94. Kaylee Sloane
  95. Kaylee Skylar
  96. Kaylee Sophia
  97. Kaylee Taylor
  98. Kaylee Teagan
  99. Kaylee Victoria
  100. Kaylee Wren


How To Pick a Middle Name

Do You Need A Middle Name?

In short, no. You do not need to give your child a middle name.  You can choose to only give your child a first name and last name. There are no laws or requirements in regard to middle names.

However, according to research in the European Journal of Social Psychology, using middle initials in your name increases people’s perception of your intelligence.

Providing your child with a middle name will help differentiate them from others who share their same name. It also gives them a second option. Some children choose to go by their middle names instead of their first names as they grow older.

We all know how important it is to find the perfect name for our children. But did you know that in some cultures, middle names can be used as a way to give your child an additional identity? A new connection with their family history or heritage. 

Here we will explore the things you should consider when giving your children a middle name!

Family Names

A child’s middle name is a great way to honor a beloved family member. It could be someone who has passed or a living family member who means a lot to the parents. Middle names don’t need to be gender-specific, so this could be a good place to include male or female family members. 

Some parents like to include family surnames, such as the mother’s maiden name, as a middle name. This allows both sides of the family to pass down their name to the child. Any name that is meaningful to the family can make a nice middle name.

Flow and Initials

Probably the most important thing parents think of when choosing their child’s name is how it all sounds together. The first, middle, and last name should flow nicely together.

Many popular middle names are short, one or two syllable names because they pair well with most first names.

If family members speak another language or have an accent, take into consideration how everyone will be pronouncing the names when determining how they fit together

Monograms are popular in Southern culture, but it is still helpful to consider your child’s initials regardless of where you live.

Monograms for women are typically in the order of first name initial, large last name initial, and then middle name initial.

For men, the initials are usually in order of first, middle, and then last name. Avoid spelling out unfortunate words with the initials.

Middle names and their initials can also be used for nicknames. For example, Mary Elizabeth can be shortened to Mary Beth. Or, Elizabeth Zoe can be shortened to the initials E. Z. As a nickname. 

If you just can’t narrow it down to a first name and a middle name, you can always include multiple middle names. In the United States, most people only have one middle name, but it is common around the world to have two or more.

It is recommended not to add too many middle names though. Most paperwork only leaves a spot for a single middle name or initial and multiple names can lead to confusion.

Special Meanings

A child’s middle name is a great way to pay homage to anything that holds special meaning to the parents. Some inspiration for names includes:

  • Influential people in your life
  • Characters from books, movies, or television
  • Locations that hold memories
  • Languages that are important to the family
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First Name for Middle Name Kaylee or Kayleigh

If you’re considering Kaylee as a middle name, we’ve compiled a list of great first name options here.

  • Abigail Kaylee
  • Alice Kaylee
  • Amelia Kaylee
  • Ariana Kaylee
  • Avery Kaylee
  • Audrey Kaylee
  • Autumn Kaylee
  • Beatrice Kaylee
  • Brianna Kaylee
  • Briar Kaylee
  • Briella Kaylee
  • Brooklyn Kaylee
  • Cadence Kaylee
  • Camila Kaylee
  • Cassandra Kaylee
  • Charlotte Kaylee
  • Clara Kaylee
  • Coraline Kaylee
  • Daphne Kaylee
  • Deborah Kaylee
  • Demi Kaylee
  • Desiree Kaylee
  • Devyn Kaylee
  • Eleanor Kaylee
  • Eliza Kaylee
  • Elizabeth Kaylee
  • Emilia Kaylee
  • Everly Kaylee
  • Fiona Kaylee
  • Francesca Kaylee
  • Freya Kaylee
  • Genesis Kaylee
  • Genevieve Kaylee
  • Gretchen Kaylee
  • Gwendolyn Kaylee
  • Gwyneth Kaylee
  • Harlow Kaylee
  • Harper Kaylee
  • Hazel Kaylee
  • Helena Kaylee
  • Isabella Kaylee
  • Isla Kaylee
  • Jacqueline Kaylee
  • Jasmine Kaylee
  • Joanna Kaylee
  • Jordyn Kaylee
  • Julia Kaylee
  • Juniper Kaylee
  • Kaitlyn Kaylee
  • Katherine Kaylee
  • Kendall Kaylee
  • Kennedy Kaylee
  • Khloe Kaylee
  • Leah Kaylee
  • Leilani Kaylee
  • Lillian Kaylee
  • Londyn Kaylee
  • Luna Kaylee
  • Madison Kaylee
  • Mariah Kaylee
  • Melody Kaylee
  • Morgan Kaylee
  • Nina Kaylee
  • Nora Kaylee
  • Olivia Kaylee
  • Payton Kaylee
  • Penelope Kaylee
  • Presley Kaylee
  • Rachel Kaylee
  • Reagan Kaylee
  • Rebecca Kaylee
  • Ruby Kaylee
  • Samara Kaylee
  • Sarah Kaylee
  • Savannah Kaylee
  • Sienna Kaylee
  • Taylor Kaylee
  • Teresa Kaylee
  • Tiffany Kaylee
  • Veronica Kaylee
  • Violet Kaylee
  • Vivian Kaylee
  • Willow Kaylee

Nicknames for Kaylee

  • Kae
  • Kale
  • Kat
  • Kay
  • Kay Kay
  • Kayl
  • Kiki
  • Lee

Variations of Kaylee

  • Caleigh
  • Caylee
  • Kayleigh
  • Kailee
  • Kailey
  • Kaleigh
  • Kayley

Names Similar to Kaylee

  • Alyssa
  • Ashley
  • Ashlyn
  • Aubrie
  • Baylee
  • Bexley
  • Brynlee
  • Callie
  • Cassidy
  • Caylee
  • Chloe
  • Demi
  • Destiny
  • Emily
  • Felicity
  • Gracey
  • Hailey
  • Hannah
  • Irene
  • Jada
  • Jordan
  • Kelsey
  • Kenzie
  • Kylie
  • Lexi
  • Mackenzie
  • Makayla
  • Naomi
  • Olivia
  • Peyton
  • Riley
  • Serenity
  • Shelby
  • Sydney
  • Taylor
  • Waverly
  • Whitney

Sibling Boy Names that go with Kaylee 

  • Kaylee and Axel
  • Kaylee and Beckham
  • Kaylee and Cooper
  • Kaylee and Dawson
  • Kaylee and Dylan
  • Kaylee and Evan
  • Kaylee and Finn
  • Kaylee and Greyson
  • Kaylee and Harrison
  • Kaylee and Hayes
  • Kaylee and Ivan
  • Kaylee and Jameson
  • Kaylee and Kingston
  • Kaylee and Lincoln
  • Kaylee and Mason
  • Kaylee and Nolan
  • Kaylee and Oliver
  • Kaylee and Parker
  • Kaylee and Ryder
  • Kaylee and Samuel
  • Kaylee and Silas
  • Kaylee and Thomas
  • Kaylee and Vincent
  • Kaylee and William
  • Kaylee and Wyatt

Sibling Girl Names that go with Kaylee 

  • Kaylee and Ariana
  • Kaylee and Brooklyn
  • Kaylee and Cora
  • Kaylee and Delilah
  • Kaylee and Emma
  • Kaylee and Fiona
  • Kaylee and Georgina
  • Kaylee and Hazel
  • Kaylee and Isabella
  • Kaylee and Jacqueline
  • Kaylee and Josephine
  • Kaylee and Kennedy
  • Kaylee and Lillian
  • Kaylee and Lucy
  • Kaylee and Monroe
  • Kaylee and Nadine
  • Kaylee and Odessa
  • Kaylee and Penelope
  • Kaylee and Piper
  • Kaylee and Reagan
  • Kaylee and Sophia
  • Kaylee and Theresa
  • Kaylee and Vivienne
  • Kaylee and Willow
  • Kaylee and Zoey
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History of the Name Kaylee

This modern American name invention does not have a long history. Following the growing trend of appealing “-ee” names, Kaylee was created by putting together the name Kay with the popular suffix “Lee.” 

According to the Social Security Administration, Kaylee first appeared on the popular baby naming charts in 1984. It skyrocketed up the charts fairly quickly, landing in a top 100 position by 1998. 

Thus far, Kaylee’s best year on the charts was in 2009 ranking in the 26th position.

Although Kaylee has slowly declined on the charts since 2009, it is still one of the more popular girl names. As of 2020, Kaylee ranks as the 117th most popular girl’s name in the United States.  

Alternative spelling Kayleigh first appeared on the popular charts in 1985. Its most popular year was also in 2009 ranking in the 229th position. As of 2020, Kayleigh ranks as the 439th most popular girl’s name in America. 

The alternate spelling Kailey first appeared on the charts in 1987. It’s most popular year was in 2003 ranking in the 245th position. Currently, it ranks as the 840th most popular girl’s name in 2020. 

Another alternate spelling, Kailee, first appeared on the charts in 1991. It broke into the top 500 in 1999 and 2003. Eventually the name lost steam and dropped off the popular charts in 2017. 

The variation Kaleigh showed up on the charts in 1986. It’s most popular year was in 2001 ranking in the 399th position. The name fell off the charts in 2015. 

Kayley is another spelling variation that popped up on the charts in 1992. It’s best year was in 1998 as the 555th most popular name. Ultimately it dropped off the charts in 2010. 

Another alternate spelling, Caylee, first appeared on the charts in 2008. It skyrocketed to a top 300 name in 2009 before starting to decline. It dropped off the charts in 2018.

Finally, the variation Caleigh appeared on the charts from 1998 to 2001, in 2003, and in 2009. It dropped off the charts completely in 2010. 

Famous People with the Name Kaylee

Kaylee Bryant American actress on television series Legacies
Kaylee Dakers Canadian breaststroke swimmer
Kaylee DeFer American actress on television series Gossip Girl
Kaylee Hartung a reporter for ESPN’s Longhorn Network
Kaylee Kinikini contestant on reality show The Biggest Loser
Kayle Cuoco American actress on television series 8 Simple Rules and The Big Bang Theory
Kayli Carter American actress in Netflix series Godless

Fictional Characters Named Kaylee

Kaylee a character on television series American Horror Story
Kaylee a character in the film Big Fat Liar
Kaylee Ehrmantraut a character in television series Better Call Saul
Kaylee Frye a character from the television series Firefly and Serenity
Kayleigh Gibbs a character on the British soap opera Emmerdale
Kayleigh Morton a character on ITV soap opera Coronation Street

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Kaylee is not a name found in the bible and does not have any biblical ties. Kaylee is a modern American invented name.

Kaylee is the most popular spelling of the name. Variations that are still on the popular naming charts include Kayleigh and Kailey. These alternate spellings were once on the popular charts, but have all fallen off: Kailee, Kaleigh, Kayley, Caylee, and Caleigh.

Kaylee was a top 100 girls name in the United States from 1998 to 2018. Although it has slightly dipped below 100, it still remains a favorite among parents. As of 2020, it ranks as the 117th most popular girl’s name in America. 

Final Thoughts on Middle Names for Kaylee

Kaylee offers a variety of spelling options for parents who are interested in a modern name with a slight twist. While Kaylee remains the favorite spelling option, parents continue to flock to this name for their daughters.

If you’re considering naming your baby girl Kaylee, we hope our list of middle name ideas is useful!

If you’re looking for more first name and middle name ideas, head over to our Baby Names section!

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