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Best 100 Middle Names For Holden

Holden is a strong name with a literary connection to the classic novel Catcher in the Rye. Although the popularity of the name didn’t come into light until over 30 years after the novel, it quickly became a favorite among parents.

If you’re considering the name Holden for your son, we’ve gathered the best middle names for Holden below.  

Meaning of the Name Holden

The name Holden is a habitational surname first found in Lancashire and West Yorkshire dating back to the 13th century. It is derived from the Old English word hol meaning “hollow, sunken, or  deep valley.” 


Best Middle Names for Holden

If you’re searching for the perfect middle name for Holden, here is a list of our favorites!

  1. Holden Alexander
  2. Holden Andrew
  3. Holden Arthur
  4. Holden Atticus
  5. Holden Beckett
  6. Holden Bennett
  7. Holden Blake
  8. Holden Brett
  9. Holden Brody
  10. Holden Brooks
  11. Holden Bryce
  12. Holden Cade
  13. Holden Caleb
  14. Holden Callum
  15. Holden Calvin
  16. Holden Carlisle
  17. Holden Chandler
  18. Holden Christopher
  19. Holden Clark
  20. Holden Conrad
  21. Holden Cooper
  22. Holden Cruz
  23. Holden Dean
  24. Holden Dexter
  25. Holden Dominic
  26. Holden Edison
  27. Holden Edward
  28. Holden Elijah
  29. Holden Elliott
  30. Holden Ellis
  31. Holden Everett
  32. Holden Ezra
  33. Holden Felix
  34. Holden Finn
  35. Holden Flynn
  36. Holden Forrest
  37. Holden Gabriel
  38. Holden Graham
  39. Holden Grant
  40. Holden Grayson
  41. Holden Gregory
  42. Holden Grey
  43. Holden Hawthorne
  44. Holden Hayes
  45. Holden Henry
  46. Holden Ira
  47. Holden Isaac
  48. Holden Jacob
  49. Holden James
  50. Holden Jonah
  51. Holden Joseph
  52. Holden Joshua
  53. Holden Jude
  54. Holden Kai
  55. Holden Kyle
  56. Holden Leo
  57. Holden Levi
  58. Holden Liam
  59. Holden Luke
  60. Holden Matthew
  61. Holden Maverick
  62. Holden Maxwell
  63. Holden Micah
  64. Holden Michael
  65. Holden Miles
  66. Holden Milo
  67. Holden Montgomery
  68. Holden Nathaniel
  69. Holden Noah
  70. Holden Oliver
  71. Holden Orion
  72. Holden Parker
  73. Holden Pascal
  74. Holden Phineas
  75. Holden Pierce
  76. Holden Prescott
  77. Holden Randall
  78. Holden Reid
  79. Holden Robert
  80. Holden Romeo
  81. Holden Rupert
  82. Holden Ryder
  83. Holden Sawyer
  84. Holden Scott
  85. Holden Seth
  86. Holden Shane
  87. Holden Silas
  88. Holden Simon
  89. Holden Spencer
  90. Holden Tate
  91. Holden Theodore
  92. Holden Thomas
  93. Holden Timothy
  94. Holden Vance
  95. Holden Walter
  96. Holden Wesley
  97. Holden William
  98. Holden Wyatt
  99. Holden Zachary
  100. Holden Zane


How To Pick a Middle Name

Do You Need A Middle Name?

In short, no. You do not need to give your child a middle name.  You can choose to only give your child a first name and last name. There are no laws or requirements in regard to middle names.

However, according to research in the European Journal of Social Psychology, using middle initials in your name increases people’s perception of your intelligence.

Providing your child with a middle name will help differentiate them from others who share their same name. It also gives them a second option. Some children choose to go by their middle names instead of their first names as they grow older.

We all know how important it is to find the perfect name for our children. But did you know that in some cultures, middle names can be used as a way to give your child an additional identity? A new connection with their family history or heritage. 

Here we will explore the things you should consider when giving your children a middle name!

Family Names

A child’s middle name is a great way to honor a beloved family member. It could be someone who has passed or a living family member who means a lot to the parents. Middle names don’t need to be gender-specific, so this could be a good place to include male or female family members. 

Some parents like to include family surnames, such as the mother’s maiden name, as a middle name. This allows both sides of the family to pass down their name to the child. Any name that is meaningful to the family can make a nice middle name.

Flow and Initials

Probably the most important thing parents think of when choosing their child’s name is how it all sounds together. The first, middle, and last name should flow nicely together.

Many popular middle names are short, one or two syllable names because they pair well with most first names.

If family members speak another language or have an accent, take into consideration how everyone will be pronouncing the names when determining how they fit together

Monograms are popular in Southern culture, but it is still helpful to consider your child’s initials regardless of where you live.

Monograms for women are typically in the order of first name initial, large last name initial, and then middle name initial.

For men, the initials are usually in order of first, middle, and then last name. Avoid spelling out unfortunate words with the initials.

Middle names and their initials can also be used for nicknames. For example, Mary Elizabeth can be shortened to Mary Beth. Or, Elizabeth Zoe can be shortened to the initials E. Z. As a nickname. 

If you just can’t narrow it down to a first name and a middle name, you can always include multiple middle names. In the United States, most people only have one middle name, but it is common around the world to have two or more.

It is recommended not to add too many middle names though. Most paperwork only leaves a spot for a single middle name or initial and multiple names can lead to confusion.

Special Meanings

A child’s middle name is a great way to pay homage to anything that holds special meaning to the parents. Some inspiration for names includes:

  • Influential people in your life
  • Characters from books, movies, or television
  • Locations that hold memories
  • Languages that are important to the family
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First Name for Middle Name Holden

If you’re thinking of Holden as a middle name, we’ve put together a list of our favorite first name options here. 

  • Alexander Holden
  • Atticus Holden
  • Banks Holden
  • Bentley Holden
  • Braxton Holden
  • Bryce Holden
  • Cade Holden
  • Caleb Holden
  • Callum Holden
  • Calvin Holden
  • Christopher Holden
  • Conner Holden
  • Cruz Holden
  • Dane Holden
  • Daniel Holden
  • Desmond Holden
  • Dominic Holden
  • Elijah Holden
  • Elliott Holden
  • Emerson Holden
  • Emmett Holden
  • Everett Holden
  • Ezra Holden
  • Felix Holden
  • Franklin Holden
  • Graham Holden
  • Grayson Holden
  • Gregory Holden
  • Hayes Holden
  • Henry Holden
  • Isaac Holden
  • Jacob Holden
  • James Holden
  • Jeremy Holden
  • Kevin Holden
  • Kinsley Holden
  • Lachlan Holden
  • Lawrence Holden
  • Levi Holden
  • Liam Holden
  • Matthias Holden
  • Maximilian Holden
  • Miles Holden
  • Nathaniel Holden
  • Noah Holden
  • Otto Holden
  • Paul Holden
  • Paxton Holden
  • Phillip Holden
  • Porter Holden
  • Richard Holden
  • River Holden
  • Robert Holden
  • Romeo Holden
  • Samuel Holden
  • Sawyer Holden
  • Sebastian Holden
  • Silas Holden
  • Spencer Holden
  • Sterling Holden
  • Thaddeus Holden
  • Thomas Holden
  • Trevor Holden
  • Zachary Holden
  • Zane Holden
  • Zeke Holden

Nicknames for Holden

  • Den
  • Denny
  • Hal
  • Hank
  • Holds
  • Holt
  • Huck

Variations of Holden

  • Holdin
  • Holdon
  • Houlden
  • Houldin

Names Similar to Holden  

  • Archer
  • Asher
  • austin
  • Beckett
  • Declan
  • Easton
  • Emmett
  • Everett
  • Gaines
  • Harrison
  • Hudson
  • Hunter
  • Isaac
  • Landon
  • Lincoln
  • Logan
  • Parker
  • Rhett
  • Rowan
  • Ryder
  • Sawyer
  • Wyatt

Sibling Boy Names that go with Holden

  • Holden and Archer
  • Holden and Atticus
  • Holden and Bennett
  • Holden and Christopher
  • Holden and Dexter
  • Holden and Easton
  • Holden and Elliott
  • Holden and Felix
  • Holden and Geoffrey
  • Holden and Graham
  • Holden and Grant
  • Holden and Harrison
  • Holden and Hayes
  • Holden and Henry
  • Holden and Jacob
  • Holden and Jude
  • Holden and Landon
  • Holden and Malcolm
  • Holden and Nathaniel
  • Holden and Oscar
  • Holden and Pierce
  • Holden and Raymond
  • Holden and Sawyer
  • Holden and Sebastian
  • Holden and Thomas

Sibling Girl Names that go with Holden

  • Holden and Annabelle
  • Holden and Augusta
  • Holden and Avery
  • Holden and Brynn
  • Holden and Cecelia
  • Holden and Daisy
  • Holden and Daphne
  • Holden and Eloise
  • Holden and Faith
  • Holden and Georgia
  • Holden and Gwendolyn
  • Holden and Hannah
  • Holden and Harper
  • Holden and Juliet
  • Holden and Louise
  • Holden and Margot
  • Holden and Mindy
  • Holden and Natalie
  • Holden and Penelope
  • Holden and Phoebe
  • Holden and Rachael
  • Holden and Samantha
  • Holden and Stella
  • Holden and Violet
  • Holden and Willa
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History of the Name Holden

First appearing in the 13th century, Holden began as a habitational surname from places in Lancashire and West Yorkshire. 

As a first name, Holden was first brought into light as the name of the main character in J.D. Salinger’s 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye. Although it did not catch much interest as a given name for boy’s during that time.

According to the Social Security Administration, Holden first appeared on the popular name charts in 1987. Directly influenced by the growing popularity of soap operas, character Holden Snyder appeared on As the World Turns starting in 1985. 

In 1997 the film Chasing Amy debuted where Ben Affleck played the character named Holden. It was this same year, Holden jumped into a top 500 boy’s name on the charts.

Holden has continued to rise in popularity and as of 2020 it ranks as the 228th most popular boys name in the United States. 

Famous People with the Name Holden

Holden Bowler American athlete, singer and businessman who served as the namesake for Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye
Holden Furber American historian and professor
Holden C. Richardson pioneer in U.S. naval aviation
Holden Roberto founder and leader of the National Liberation Front of Angola
Holden Thorp American chemist, inventor, musician, professor, and entrepreneur
Holden Scott a penname of American author Ben Mezrich

Fictional Characters Named Holden

Holden Carver the main character in the DC Comics/Wildstorm comic book series Sleeper
Holden Caulfield the main character in J. D. Salinger’s novel The Catcher in the Rye
Holden Ford a main character in the TV series Mindhunter
Holden Matthews the main character in the TV series Beyond
Holden McNeil a character in the film Chasing Amy
Holden Snyder from the soap opera As the World Turns
Holden Worther a character in the film The Good Girl
Holden the main character of the science-fiction action comedy film Space Cop

Frequently Asked Questions

Holden is not a name that is found in the Bible or has biblical ties. Holden is derived from a location and originally started as a surname.

Holden first appeared on the popular name charts in 1987 and has continued to climb. Although it has yet to reach a top 100 boy’s name it currently sits in the 228th position as of 2020.

Some possible nicknames for Holden include Den, Denny, Hal, Hank, Holds, Holt and Huck. 

Final Thoughts on Middle Names for Holden

If you’re looking for a name with a classic literary feel then Holden might be a great fit for you. This name has become a fast growing favorite among parents.

We hope our list of middle names for Holden has been helpful in your quest to find the perfect baby name!

If you’re looking for more first name and middle name ideas, head over to our Baby Names section!

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