Find Something You Love And Use It As An Excuse To Get Out Of Town

Find Something You Love And Use It As An Excuse To Get Out Of Town

The wanderlust bug bit me at a very young age. I love traveling and tend to get antsy if I feel like I’ve been home for too long. Exploring, experiencing new cultures, and getting out of my comfort zone of my day-to-day home life is something I crave. The hard part with this craving, is financing it. Although I try to make traveling an important part of my life, I do still have a budget I live on.

So how have I adapted to this? Well, I found something I love doing and I use it as an excuse to get out of town. One of my favorite things my fiancé and I like to do is check out breweries and taste beer. Might not be the average go-to activity for most people, but we really enjoy it. Lucky for us, new breweries are popping up all the time so we don’t have to travel too far for a little weekend getaway.

Living in California, there is a lot of space to navigate and explore. Some of our longer trips include excursions to Santa Rosa, San Francisco, LA, or San Diego. If we want to stay a little closer to home, we can escape to Santa Barbara or Monterey and still get away.

So what are the benefits of these mini-trips for me and the travel bug that is in-bedded in my veins?

Change Of Scenery

As I mentioned already, change of scenery is huge for me. Being able to switch it up to a new location for a few days is a great way to release some stress. Why? Because I’m not surrounded by all the day-to-day tasks I have at home. Being able to mentally check out for a few days and just enjoy each other’s company is wonderful. Not only for my mental health, but for our relationship too. We get to focus on being together without any outside distractions. It gives us an opportunity to work on focusing on us for a little bit of time and trust me, it does wonders!

Nicer On The Pocket Book

I mean sure, I’d love to be whisked away every other month to some exotic location, but the reality of being able to do that on our budget is non-existent. These little excursions every few months are much friendlier on our finances. We can still enjoy ourselves and find great deals so we aren’t spending too much. Or sometimes we might splurge a little bit here and there. And you don’t eat into your vacation time at work. Or in my fiancé’s case, not eating too much into his paycheck. He works more as a contractor and doesn’t have vacation time. Any days he takes off are days he does not get paid. So smaller excursions are more friendly on finances than two week excursions.

Exploring A New Town

I adore exploring new towns. It’s such a gift to my soul. Seeing a new place through fresh eyes with no expectations and no familiarity. Honestly one of my favorite things. It’s always fun to check out local shops, museums, and parks. I also thoroughly enjoy any outdoor hiking activities. Basically anything that gives me a feel for what the town is about is what I like. Exploring is how I remember a place or a trip.

“Denver has the cutest bookshop called Tattered Cover. I loved going in there.”

“Minneapolis is full of the such unique bars. There is a rooftop pub where you can play lawn bowling. It was a ton of fun!”

By exploring, I am able to log into my memory a really cool spot or a fun experience from that trip. Something to talk about and tell others about when they go to those places.

I’m Also A Foodie

This one is HUGE. I am a foodie. For real. I know my fellow foodies out there will understand this. I enjoy trying all different kinds of food and food is one of the things that really makes a trip for me. Trying different restaurants is one of my favorite things to do in a new town. I have my go-to spots at home. Sometimes I venture out and explore. But in a new city…it’s all new! Every restaurant is one I have never been to before. It’s fun to look at reviews or take suggestions from friends and check out a new spot. The bonus for our enjoyment of breweries, is the ones that are restaurants offer some of the best food!

So those are a few of the reasons I love about our litter beer-cation excursions. They might only be a few days, but they make the biggest impact. I return with better mental clarity and with a stronger bond with my fiancé. It does so much for the soul and it helps to keep the travel bug at bay a little bit until we are able to enjoy the bigger trips.

I highly recommend using something you love as an excuse to travel and explore new cities near you. What is something you love to do when you travel? Do you go on smaller weekend excursions as well? Would love to hear how other’s get their travel bug fix!

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  1. This sounds like so much fun! I love small trips that are fun and revive me! Have a great week! xo Jana

  2. I love traveling too! I love seeing new places and trying new foods!

  3. Traveling is so fun! I love being a tourist and just seeing new landscapes and places!


  4. road trips to nearby areas are always the best!!!

  5. Great article and I couldn’t agree more. My fiancé and I have realized that we don’t have to go half way around the world and that living in CA, we have so many amazing places right here to explore!

  6. I could totally relate to this, I love tagging along to my husband’s favorite football games and we always enjoy stopping a few new wineries along the way! Always ends up being my favorite trip!

  7. I guess food is the number 1 reason I travel! 😛

  8. I LOVE exploring new towns. It’s the easiest way to just get a change of scenery. And to find a new restaurant and meal. Love your ideas!

  9. I loooooove to travel too, I don’t care if it’s to the town next door, a different state or Europe. There’s nothing better than going on an adventure!
    xx, Nicole

  10. I have SO many reasons and excuses to travel that I now have to remember the reasons NOT to travel so I can be at home more. LOLOL Love the tips for the local trips, I am a foodie and love local breweries too.

  11. I am all for getaways even if it’s just for the weekend. It such much fun to plan and do something exciting. Thanks for sharing.

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