Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party

I love theme parties! Growing up my friends and I always threw themed parties. Whether it was for birthday celebrations or holidays we were always trying to find ways to dress up. When it came time to plan for our son’s first birthday I wanted to find a theme that was truly fitting for him.

During the beginning of Noah’s colic a friend of mine added me to a support group on Facebook for colic, fussy, and high need babies. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that group helped me through the rough times. Hearing stories from others made me feel like I wasn’t alone. I also had many moments of “Wow, it could be so much worse.” As difficult as moments were with Noah there were some situations out there that were far worse than ours.

From this group emerged the terms unicorn baby and dragon baby. Now these aren’t terms we ever call our babies. Well maybe not until later in life, because my mom claims I was a unicorn baby. These terms are more to define the vast range there is between babies from their needs, temperament, etc. Below are the definitions and it was only fitting that Noah should have a Dragon themed 1st birthday party to commemorate how far we’ve come!

Unicorn Baby vs Dragon Baby

My Dragicorn Baby

Another term in the group is “dragicorn” which is where I feel Noah truly belongs. He was a happy baby from the beginning. People always told us they never saw a baby smile so much. In between the struggle with colic and his discontent, that boy smiled. Oh boy did he smile. He also giggled a lot. I used to tell my husband, “He’s a happy baby. He shows us all the time. I know once we get past this colic it will all be okay.” I was right. When the colic ended the true Noah fully emerged.

Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party

Working full time, raising a baby, researching daycare places, conducting interviews with nannies, cooking meals, nursing, pumping, laundry, colds….the list goes on and on. Needless to say we have very little time to plan our day to day schedules let alone a birthday party. We thought it would be fun to host a brunch for Noah’s party. I decided to keep things simple. I had one goal. Create a dessert table with the dragon theme.

Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party
Invitations via Zazzle | Dragon Cookies via If You Were a Cookie
Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party
Solid Color Balloons via Party Haus | Polka Dot Balloons via Party Haus | Silver Letter Balloons via Party Haus | Balloon Garland Kit via Amazon | Tropical Leaves via Amazon
Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party
Donut Display Board via D3 Wood Designs | Tassles via Shoppe 3130
Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party
Dragon Candy Stickers via Art Paper Wonders
Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party
Birthday Milestone Chalkboard via Chalk Designs By Me

Completing the celebration was a mimosa bar that my husband’s grandmother graciously created for us. Naturally there had to be drinks for the adults and it’s not brunch without mimosas!

Mimosa Bar Birthday Party
Chalkboard Stand Signs via Creative Express

Overall it was a great day! The piece that always warms my heart the most are the people in our lives that we can share these special occasions with. We were surrounded by so many good friends, family, and lots of kids that Noah gets to grow up and have adventures with.

Creating memories has always been the most important to me and there are a lot of great moments from his party. Particularly the memory I will forever have of Noah’s first time trying cake. He was not a fan and shivered from the taste of the frosting. I think his face says it all.

Dragon Themed 1st Birthday Party
High Chair via BabyBjörn


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  1. What a blessing to be able to throw such a creative party for your little man!

    1. Agreed!

  2. I’m loving this theme and especially loving the donut table!

    1. I was so excited when I found that donut stand!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love every detail! Such a cute party!

    1. Thank you!

  4. How stinking cute! I love the dragon idea, I don’t think I’ve seen that theme used before. I also hadn’t ever heard the term ‘dragon’ to refer to a high-needs baby, although I’m pretty sure I have heard unicorn before.

    1. I couldn’t find much when I tried searching for dragon themed parties. Lots of dinosaur ones out there though!

  5. Those cookies are so cute! Everything is absolutely adorable 🙂

    1. She did such an amazing job on the cookies. So talented!

    1. Thank you!

  6. What a unique and wonderful theme for a 1st birthday! I love all the colors and special touches!

    1. Thanks! I think bright colors are fun for kids.

  7. I had one of each and must admit that my dragon baby is now the most docile kid. Glad it finally balanced out!

    1. I’ve actually heard that from a few people. Time will tell how much he decides to mellow out, lol.

  8. He is so adorable mama!! Love the theme and he is the cutest little dragicorn! (;

    cute & little

  9. Oh wow, what a beautiful party! I love the theme and all of the thoughtful details. So pretty!

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