Best Wagons for Kids

9 Best Wagons for Kids | 2021 Reviews

Wagons have been around for as far as you can remember. Kids love wagons, and parents find it easier to transport their children around in them.

Today, you can find wagons of different sizes and shapes. With so many options, you might find it challenging to choose the best one for you and your kids. Below we have reviewed the best wagons for kids on the market today. 

 Best Wagons for Kids Reviews 

 Radio Flyer All-Terrain Steel & Wood Wagon

The Radio Flyer all-terrain steel and wood wagon is a traditional kid’s pull-along wagon with an all-steel seamless body and wooden stake sides.

It has rugged rubber air tires that are 10″ in diameter, making it perfect for providing a smooth ride on any terrain, both on and off-road.

It is excellent for hauling toys, diaper bags, sports equipment, and more. With its 200 pounds weight capacity, this wagon can carry both toddlers and cargo alike.

Its handle is extra-long. The handle can be folded under the wagon for storage. It also has the added benefit of having a controlled turn radius that prevents tipping.

Ideal for toddlers 18-month-old and above. You can’t go wrong with the Radio Flyer all-terrain wagon.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon

The Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon can seat two toddlers. It comes complete with two seatbelts and two cup holders for your thirsty tots.

You can use this 3-in-1 wagon in three different ways: with two kids riding, a flatbed hauling wagon, or bench seating. The ability to convert to a flatbed can be useful if you are out and about during nap time. 

It has high back seats that are thickly padded and comfortable for your little ones. It is made of durable DuraCleanTM fabric and is easy to wipe clean when your kids make messes. Some models come with a UV-blocking canopy, which is great for sunny days.

This wagon comes equipped with quiet-ride tires, making it ideal for sleepy passengers. However, the tires are not all-terrain. This wagon is best for long walks around the neighborhood, at the park, or family activities.

As a bonus, this Radio Flyer wagon comes with rear storage loops, so you can easily bring along more essential items. Its total weight capacity is 150 pounds.

This wagon is easy to fold up with one hand and store in tight spaces. It is lightweight, making it easy to transport and carry around anywhere.

If you are looking for a basic but versatile wagon, this 3-in-1 EZ folding wagon is for you. It is perfect for hauling kids or gear. 

Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon

The Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon is very versatile. The first thing you will notice is its 10″ all-terrain rubber air tires. The tires are thick, textured, and rubbery like mini-car tires. It gives your kids a very smooth and comfortable ride, even off-road.

This wagon has five seating and storage options. It can be used for seating two toddlers, as a flatbed, covered storage and ride, an activity surface, and an XL storage & ride. 

It has two seatbelts for your child’s safety, 4 cup holders for children and adults, and a fold-over handle for easy storage. It also comes with a UV-blocking canopy for sun protection.

Its weight capacity is 200 lbs. Aside from your kids, it can also haul coolers, chairs, diaper bags, sports equipment, and more.

Overall, this wagon is fantastic. If you want something that will last for years, this is the wagon to get.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon

 The Evenflo Pivot Xplore all-terrain stroller wagon comes with a stroller option. It features a telescoping handle that you can flip to the front or back of the stroller so you can either push it like a stroller or pull it like a wagon.

This stroller wagon is great for twins or siblings. The seats are cozy with a 3-point seat belt and a footwell for extra space. The seat padding makes them very comfortable for your kids. It can also accommodate babies because it has a car seat adapter that you can purchase separately.

This stroller wagon comes with a retractable UPF 50+ canopy for each side. You can adjust the canopy angles depending on where the sun is shining. Or, if you want to maximize the shade, you can make both canopies meet in the middle.

Each seating spot has a snack tray with drink holders. The trays attach to the middle of the wagon, which serves as little snack tables. There are extra drink holders located on the outside of the stroller made from fabric with an elastic band at the top.

Each seat can hold 55 pounds, but it can accommodate up to 120 pounds, including cargo. If your kids weigh lighter than 55 pounds, then you will have plenty of extra room for more cargo.

This stroller wagon comes with an under-carriage cargo basket for storage. You can attach it to either end of the stroller wagon to keep toys or other gear. If you don’t need it, you can place it inside the stroller. 

It has all-terrain wheels and foot-friendly brakes. The tires are made of foam/plastic, so they will not go flat.

This wagon can also easily fold up. The front and back fold down toward each other from the middle joint, and the handle sticks up. It saves space when you put it in your car’s trunk.

The Evenflo stroller wagon is a high-quality wagon from a high-quality brand. It might be the most versatile wagon on the market.

Keenz Stroller Wagon

The Keenz stroller wagon is large and can fit two kids. It comes with two 5 point adjustable harnesses for your kid’s safety. The design is made for children who can sit independently and weigh up to 45 pounds. The total weight limit of the wagon is 110 pounds.

This wagon comes with a sun canopy that can be adjusted to three different heights or removed. The roof is collapsible and has a mesh sun protector on one side. It also comes with add-ons like drapes and curtains to prevent sensory overload or block out the wind. 

The stroller wagon can be pushed or pulled with comfortable handles on each end. You can adjust the handle to 10 different positions until you find the one that feels the most comfortable.

This stroller includes a storage compartment for shoes and a large attached cooler bag. It folds down easily to a smaller size for storage. 

The front wheels pivot for easy maneuvering. It has one-step brakes and locks on the front wheels. There is an on/off switch that is easy to access when walking.

Your little ones can nap on the go with the flat design. Its aluminum frame is covered in an anti-shock material and padded fabric to give a smooth ride. The fabric is removable for washing. 

If you want a stroller wagon that will grow with your children, consider the Keenz stroller wagon. It has convenient features and comfortable for your little ones. While it comes with a high price, the extra cost is all worth it.

Step2 Wagon for Two

The Step2 Wagon boasts two contoured seats with deep legroom. It comes with two seat belts for your kid’s safety and two cup holders on the sides to keep your children’s drinks in close reach.

More features include storage underneath, great for keeping small toys and supplies inside, and a latched door. Its long handle makes it easy to pull, and it easily folds under for easy transport and storage.

The wagon is made of lightweight materials with large, sturdy wheels that allow older kids to pull their younger siblings. Its design is simple and can be great to use on the beach, in parks, and around the neighborhood.

It is easy to clean by hosing it down. The drain holes on the floor allow water to drain and not pool inside.

For a bargain wagon, the Step2 Wagon for Two is a great product.

Mac Sports WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon

The Mac Sports outdoor utility wagon is great for hauling toddlers and as a utility wagon for working in the yard, going camping, picnics, and more.

The wagon is light in weight at 22.5 pounds and can carry up to 150 pounds. It has a heavy-duty frame with the Durable 600D fabric that is easy to clean. The material is also UV and mildew resistant. 

The wagon comes fully assembled. You can fold the wagon down to easily fit in the trunk of your car or to store.

It has rubber wheels that have a wide base. It works well on different terrains and is very stable. The front wheels swivel, making it easy to steer. You don’t need to worry that the wagon will tip so you can load your wagon with kids, toys, food, and more.

Other features include an adjustable handle for easy transport and two mesh cup holders for keeping your drinks secure.

Your Mac Sports WTC-111 outdoor utility wagon can carry and move bulky stuff around. It will make your life easier when you need to haul multiple kids and many items. 

Jeep Deluxe Wrangle Stroller Wagon

The Jeep Deluxe Wrangle stroller wagon is a stroller, a wagon, and has an adapter for a car seat. This means that you can put your newborn’s car seat in it while keeping it extremely secure. It comes with two 5-point safety harness for your older kids.

It has many storage options. With pockets on the sides, you can store snacks or extra diapers. It has a big, detachable cooler bag, a parent organizer with three storage compartments, a front zipper pocket, and a parent cup holder.

The wagon is easy to fold and is so compact. It has two adjustable and sturdy leatherette handlebars that are easy to pull. 

Its front wheels swivel, making turning a breeze. The tires are puncture proof and can be used in any terrain. It has on/off parking brakes.

This stroller wagon comes with a removable canopy. The canopy is made of UV blocking fabric and roll-down shades for sun protection and privacy. This makes it a very comfortable wagon for your kids.

This wagon can hold up to 110 pounds, or 55 pounds per seat.

This stroller wagon is highly recommended for families with newborn babies. 

Wonderfold Wagon Push Pull 2 Passenger Double Stroller Wagon

The Wonderfold Wagon Push-Pull double stroller wagon is durable, sturdy, and is made of high-quality 600D polyester fabric. 

It has two handles, a telescopic pull handle, and an adjustable push handle. The pull handle has springs that bounce. The push handle can be adjusted to different heights. 

This wagon can comfortably seat your kids and has a steel frame that supports up to 150 pounds. The ride is smooth, and it is easy to steer, even on stony or sandy terrain. It also is very secure with a 5-point harness.

It has rubber/soft wheels and is not made of cheap plastic. It can also lock into place securely. Your children will be safe and secure in this stroller wagon with its one-step foot brake on its rear wheels.

This wagon comes with a removable UV protected canopy that is easy to put up and down. It provides your children comfort in different weather conditions.

This stroller wagon is easy to use. You can easily fold and unfold it in a single step. It has a durable storage basket that you can use to hold items. 

You can still use your Wonderfold wagon even when your children have already outgrown it. You can remove the seats and use the wagon as a utility carrier for your things.

Overall, this stroller wagon is one that your children will love.

Types of Wagons for Kids

 Traditional Wagons

These wagons are cart-like toys that you pull behind you. They are usually made from wood, metal, or plastic and are traditionally painted red. They are great for kids to haul their toys around.

Newer models have added features like drink holders, canopies, seat belts, and many other extras that will provide your kids more comfort and safety.

The wheels are air tires, hard rubber tires, or hard plastic tires. The handles can be shaped in many ways. For instance, they can be shaped like a T, a D, or with a circle handhold at the end.

Stroller Wagons

The stroller wagon is a combination of both stroller and a traditional wagon.

Space and versatility were incorporated in the design of stroller wagons. It has more room than a traditional wagon and a traditional stroller. These wagons can be pushed like a stroller and pulled like a wagon.

These stroller wagons are safer and can handle rough terrain. They can usually accommodate two children and comes with many accessories.

Some features that can come with your stroller wagon includes a footwell where children can put their feet lower than the seat, adjustable handles, canopies, drink holders, storage spaces, and some can even accommodate a car seat.

Many stroller wagons have safety features like seat belts and braking systems.

Benefits of Having a Kids Wagon

Toy Transporter

Kids wagons can haul more than just your children. It is an easy way to transport your kid’s toys and other things that you may need for the day.

If you are going to the beach, it can accommodate all your beach toys, towels, and other beach essentials. The storage areas and cupholders give you space to bring along your favorite beverages and drinks for the kids.

Your kids can use the wagon to transport their toys around the home or the yard at home. It is also great for helping your little ones clear up after themselves.

Can Carry Multiple Kids

You don’t need to bring a stroller for each child when you spend the day outdoors. A stroller wagon can easily carry at least two kids, and some can even hold up to four kids.

Just check on the stroller size and get one that can hold all your children comfortably and conveniently.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Best Wagon for Kids


The design of stroller wagons is meant to hold many kids and a lot of things. You can find different sizes of stroller wagons on the market.

As we have mentioned above, some wagons can accommodate two kids, and the larger ones can accommodate up to four kids.

Check out the stroller dimensions to find out which size fits your needs. Also, check the weight limits and safety instructions before stuffing them with your things.

It is crucial to know the wagon size and make sure it will accommodate all your needs.


Wagons are made from different materials. They can be made from UV-treated textile materials or canvas, plastic, real wood, or metal. Most plastic, wood, and metal wagons are not collapsible.

Plastic wagons are the easiest to clean. Fabric ones are very versatile in their folding design. Wooden wagons need a bit more care since they cannot be left out in the rain or stored in high-humidity places, and metal ones offer sufficient weight support.


Children’s safety should be a priority when buying a stroller wagon. Ensure that when you buy a wagon for your kids, you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines about the right size and weight.

There are wagons with seat belts and some with three-point or five-point harnesses for your larger children. Some wagons can carry a car seat.

The wagon itself should have sturdy materials and reliable construction. It should come with large wheels for stability.

Additional Features

Most wagons have added features that can set them apart from the rest. These features include padded seats, canopies, and cup holders. Many wagons have extra storage areas where parents can easily access things they need on the go.

Some wagon models can double as flatbed transport. Others have trays or tables, removable sides, and foldable handles for easy storage.

Most wagon strollers let children face each other, making them great for play and conversation. They also have enough space for toys and stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wagons for Kids

What age is a wagon for?

This depends on which wagon you purchase. Some wagons are compatible with many infant car seat brands allowing you to push your little one around. Other wagons have age requirements ranging from 18 months to 3 years or more. 

Are stroller wagons worth it?

The short answer. Yes. Stroller wagons provide parents numerous benefits. They can cart around multiple kids, are easier on your back, can be folded flat for storage, handles rough terrain, and can cart all the supplies you will need for a day of fun outside. 

Do wagons work on the beach?

Yes. Be sure to look for a lightweight wagon with sizeable heavy-duty tires designed to navigate through the sand. 

Are collapsible wagons safe for kids?

Yes. Collapsible wagons are sturdy and safe for kids. They have been tested for safety to ensure your child will have an enjoyable ride, and you, as the parent, do not have to worry.

What is the best way to store a kid’s wagon?

The best way to store a kid’s wagon largely depends on the wagon. Some wagons fold down for easy storage. Others are made from materials like plastic that should not be kept in too hot or cold temperatures. For the best way to store your wagon, be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Final Thoughts

Having a stroller wagon can spell fun for your kids and convenience for you as parents. Check out our stroller wagon reviews to find out which one suits your family’s needs best.

Someday, your kids will outgrow their stroller wagons. But you don’t need to worry because you can still find these wagons very useful around your home and garden.

Looking for more gear for your little one? Head over to our Gear Guides Section to see more comparisons.

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