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Best Toddler Flashlights | 2021 Reviews

Young children are fascinated with the tools we use and love to learn how they work. One perfect example is the flashlight. How can they create this beam of light themselves and use it to enhance their playtime?

Regular flashlights could be too bright and heavy for a toddler. That is why there are so many fun toddler-friendly flashlights and flashlight toys out there. The best products will provide a safe light source while sparking imaginative play. 

Best Toddler Flashlight Reviews

The selection of products below offers a wide variety of features and styles to help you find the right flashlight for your child. At one end of the scale, we have more complex and interactive toys that use a flashlight as part of their learning experience. Brands such as Vtech will always be popular here because of their clever sensory features and fun designs. 

On the other end of the scale, you also have the toddler flashlights that focus on the single purpose of illumination. These are great for adventures, shadow puppets, and other imaginative activities. Some are perfect for young toddlers because of their design and ergonomics. Others are better suited for older children. 

VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight 

The VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight is a great choice for parents that want something a little more educational for their children. There are different colored lights for color recognition, buttons for counting to three, and pictures for recognizing animals. The buttons and pictures are cute and bold to make them highly engaging. 

While this may seem like an overwhelming toy, especially with over 50 songs to learn, this flashlight does have volume control. The lights are also weak enough not to be a concern if your child point it at their eyes. 


  • It comes in three colors: lime green, pink or yellow 
  • Fully interactive with lots of sounds and lights to play with 
  • An automatic shut-off after 45 seconds of inactivity 
  • Volume controls for days when you need a little more peace 


  • You can’t use the light without the additional songs 
  • Cheap plastic that won’t last forever 

Melissa & Doug Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight 

Melissa and Doug toys are always popular with parents that want something a little more gentle and soothing for long-term use. This Flash Firefly Bug Flashlight has a child-friendly firefly design in pale blue and yellow around a functional flashlight. 

The idea here is that your kids can enjoy playing with this light and mimicking their parents’ actions. The light is more practical this way for use in creative play and nighttime adventures. The construction also means that it should be fine for outdoor use, such as on camping trips. 


  • The beautiful firefly design 
  • Just the right size and weight for toddlers 
  • A child-friendly on-off switch 
  • Suitable for outside activities and camping 


  • No additional educational features 
  • A wrist strap would add to the ease of use 

Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Flashlight 

The Melissa and Doug Giddy Buggy Flashlight is striking with its cute bug design. This model has a striped body, big buggy eyes, and six little feet to keep the light steady on a surface. This feature and the large light should make this flashlight ideal for hand-free play, such as for playing with shadow puppets or reading at night. 

There are features here to make it as easy as possible for young children to use this toddler flashlight. There is an integrated handle that should be easy to hold, with the power button built-in. It also isn’t as heavy as it looks, although smaller toddlers may struggle. 


  • The feet for a free-standing design 
  • The softer, appealing color scheme 
  • The cute design of the bug 
  • The wide projection of the light 


  • It might be too big for younger toddlers 
  • Another single purpose flashlight 

VTech PJ Masks Super Learning Flashlight 

The VTech PJ Masks Super Learning Flashlight caters to all the kids who love the PJ Masks characters. The characters are prominent within the images on the projections and the design of the buttons.

There are nine images from the show you can project using the flashlight. Or it has a standard flashlight mode. There are also sounds and games, including trivia from the show, rhyming games, and some educational activities on letters and numbers. 


  • The projector is a fun idea for creative play 
  • The range of activities should keep your child interested 
  • The design uses authentic PJ Masks images and concepts 
  • There are batteries included 


  • Niche appeal for those that know the show 
  • More of a toy than a functional flashlight 

B. Toys Light me to the Moon Projector Flashlight 

The B. Toys Light me to the Moon Projector Flashlight has a great alien and space theme that kids will love. There is a simple side of reels that kids can manipulate to project images of planets and aliens. The first is a little more educational and should spark an interest in stargazing. The latter is great fun for kids. 

This toddler flashlight is a great portable option, with an ergonomic handheld design that mimics a real flashlight. All you need to do is slide in the reel and rotate the images. The controls should be easy enough for kids to pick up, and while the features are limited, they can still have a lot of fun. 


  • The educational side of the planetary disk 
  • The fun designs on the alien disk 
  • Lots of ergonomic features to make this toddler friendly 
  • Storage in the base for the spare reel 


  • The lack of features means this could get boring after a while 
  • You need to be quite close to the wall to see the images 

HISTOYE Night Light Stars Projector Flashlight

The main selling point of the Histoye Night Light Stars Project Flashlight is the projector night light. It beams images of stars out the top of the toy and onto the ceiling. This is a great way to add some light at night and get kids interested in the night sky. The addition of the musical lullaby is perfect for kids that struggle to get to sleep at night. 

This clever projection comes from the top of a big colorful rocket with an astronaut looking out the window. You can set this up on a bedside table or elsewhere in a nursery and enjoy the experience. There are also buttons to change the music and volume. 


  • The projection of the nightlight for a pretty effect 
  • The additional sounds for 10 or 20 minutes of music before bed 
  • Simple controls for the song and the volume 
  • The design of the astronaut in the window 


  • Not portable enough for use as a flashlight 
  • There is only one main purpose here 

LUX-PRO Gels Glow in Dark LED Flashlight

The Lux-Pro Gels Glow in the Dark LED Flashlight contains three compact flashlights. Kids can use them whenever they need a little illumination for their adventures. You get three bright colors, which means a choice based on mood or a set to share among siblings. The bright exterior also glows in the dark for better visibility. 

All you need to do here is put three AAA batteries into the holder and press the button for a bright light in all kinds of situations. The downside to this function is that it is more for older kids out camping or at slumber parties than for toddlers. 


  • There are three flashlights in the set 
  • The light is bright and effective 
  • The body glows in the dark 
  • There is a wrist strap for added convenience 


  • Better suited for older children due to a lack of features 
  • Three AAA batteries required 

Best Flashlight for Kids Buying Guide 

As you can see, there are lots of different types of flashlights out there with various purposes and selling points. So, how can you be sure of finding the ideal model for your child? Consider the following points to find the perfect choice. 


The products in this guide vary greatly from simple child-friendly flashlights to those with more interactive features. The simple options are great for active toddlers that want to explore in the dark and copy their parents. Interactive toys are more educational, often with games and songs, but they can be more annoying after a while. 

Easy to Use

Some toddler flashlights are more age-appropriate than others. You may find that some larger models with lots of buttons are too large or too complicated for younger kids. Watch out for the ergonomics, especially with the shape of the handle and the position of the buttons. Also, look at the weight to make sure it won’t get too heavy. 

Charging Options

The problem with most kids’ toys comes in keeping them charged up and ready to play. In the case of most of these toys, you don’t need much other than a regular supply of AA batteries. This can be costly, but it is easy to swap them out when the light gets weak. Rechargeable batteries could save money but may also leave the flashlight out of action for a few hours. 


Waterproofing isn’t that big a deal for indoor play and games in the nursery. But, you might like the idea of a nighttime safari in the backyard or giving your toddler their own light for a camping trip. This is where it helps to know that the product is safe for use outside and completely reliable. 

Whether you are interested in any of the models above or any additional flashlights for toddlers, always check the specifications. The product listing should provide enough information on the features and finer details. Then you can compare products to see which is the best fit. 

Fun Games to Play with Flashlights 

Many of the best flashlights for toddlers have their own games and interactive features, such as musical features and projections. Others are designed to provide illumination for other imaginative playtime activities. If your child has a creative side and likes to make-pretend, a basic child-friendly flashlight should help them with the following activities. 

Shadow Puppets 

The art of making shadow puppets may feel a little old fashioned when so many children have tablets and mobile entertainment. It is great fun to teach kids how to make shapes with their hands or make silhouettes of characters on sticks. The more creative kids get, the easier it is for them to put on a show. 

The right flashlight with a strong, consistent light source will make it easier for kids to create the shapes they want and tell their stories. Free-standing models are perfect for lighting a “theatre production” in their bedroom. 


Kids that love to tell stories to their siblings or stuffed animals at night will love having a flashlight to read with. The light will illuminate the page just enough to read while the rest of the room remains dark. This creates a nice intense atmosphere where children can get lost in the story and their role as storytellers. 

Providing young children with their own flashlights for storytelling should make it easier to encourage them to read. They might feel like they are sneaky with a flashlight in their blanket fort too. 


This is a great DIY option for a fun flashlight experience. You can use stock paper to cut out different shapes, numbers, letters, animals, etc., and shine your flashlight through them to create a silhouette on the wall. Not only is this an enjoyable activity for your child, but it can also be used as a fun learning tool. 

Flashlight Dance Parties 

This is something you may have seen on YouTube or other social media platforms. If not, check out some of the videos for inspiration. The idea is that you use the light from flashlights to create a light show in your dark living room. Kids that can move and flash the lights in time to the music can create a great effect. 

This activity works best with multiple flashlights, preferably with different colors or features to enhance the experience. Also, the darker the living room, the better it looks. 

Flashlight Tag 

The premise here is pretty simple. All the participants get to go and hide somewhere in the yard in the dark, just like in hide-and-seek. The child that is “it” counts with their eye closed and then goes out to find the other children with the flashlight. 

Child-friendly lights are perfect because they are easy for kids of different ages to carry and not too bright. This is a brilliant game if you have groups of children over for family gatherings or slumber parties for young kids. 

Scavenger Hunt 

Take scavenger hunt to a new level by adding flashlights and the dark. You can break into teams with the team leader holding the flashlight or give each person their own flashlights.

Hide items around the house or outside. Provide teams or individual players with clues. The kids then use their flashlights to find the hidden items. 

Flashlight Stomp

If you are looking for a game for your child to release all that pent up energy, this is it. Designate one person to be in charge of the flashlight. This person will shine the light on the ground or on a safe object within reach. The players will run as quickly as possible to stomp on the beam of light or tag it with their hands. This game can be played indoors or outdoors. 

Shape Tracing

Your child is learning all about numbers, letters, and shapes. For this game have one person designated to call out a shape. Your child can use the beam of light like a pencil to outline the shape. This can be done against a wall, door, or even using the ground.

Rainbow Reflections

Do you have an old CD or DVD laying around? For this fun experiment you will need to find a dark room in the house. Place the CD/DVD on the floor and tape a piece of white paper to the wall. Shine the flashlight at the disk so it creates a rainbow reflection onto the piece of paper.

Ask your child to point out what colors they see. You can also have them move the flashlight around to see what different patterns they can make. Have them experiment with moving the CD/DVD closer and further away from the paper. Discussing them them all these changes is a great learning activity.

Frequently Asked Questions about Toddler Flashlights

Are flashlights safe for kids’ eyes? 

This is a common concern for parents worried about kids blinding themselves with bright lights. Age-appropriate toddler flashlights aren’t that bright compared to adult versions. You can project an image on a wall and provide some light for reading. But, they aren’t so bright that they are a danger if kids look directly at them. 

Of course, it is important to teach children to play with flashlight toys safely. Discourage them from pointing it in their own eyes or those of family members. This will teach them good habits when using real flashlights in the future. 

At what age can my kid play with a flashlight? 

Parents can use their own best judgment when choosing a flashlight toy for their children. Many are so faint and simplistic that they are fine for children around the age of 2 or 3. Others are much brighter and less ergonomic, so they are better for older children. Pay attention to the toy’s features and design to make sure that it is age-appropriate for your child. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Toddler Flashlight 

In short, there are lots of different toddler-friendly flashlights out there to choose from. If you want a child-friendly alternative to a normal light, some great designs are ergonomic and reliable. Alternatively, you could look at the more interactive toys that offer projections, songs, and other great features. 

It all depends on the desired purpose of the toy. Do you want to help kids explore and play flashlight games? Do you want them to learn different skills with the light? Or, do you want more of a projector and nightlight situation? Whatever your reason for getting a toddler’s flashlight, the right option is out there.

Looking for more gear for your little one? Head over to our Gear Guides Section to see more comparisons.

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