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7 Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents

As a tall parent, you may have difficulty outfitting your baby’s room with items that do not make your backache, just thinking about using them day in and day out. Most nursery pieces in stores are made for people of average height. However, it is possible to find pieces that are a little taller or longer to accommodate your height. 

One of the most essential pieces in the nursery to customize for tall parents is the nursery glider. You will spend a lot of time sitting in this chair, whether you are feeding your child, comforting them, or just reading them a story. You may even spend a good deal of time sleeping in the chair yourself, especially in the early months with your infant or when sleep regression hits. 

7 Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents Reviews

If you are just starting your search for a nursery glider or rocker, you may be a little overwhelmed with all the nursery gliders are the market. It may also seem like there are not very many intended for use by parents who are above average in height. However, as a tall parent, there are many choices available to keep you and your little one comfortable while in their nursery. 

We have done a little bit of the leg work for you, and based on reviews, we have rounded up some of the best nursery gliders available for tall parents. Hopefully, this list will give you the perfect starting point!

Arlo Swivel Reclining Rocking Glider

Dimensions41.5″H x 29″W x 38″D
Color Options5 Color Options
CapabilitiesReclines, Glides, Rocks and Swivels
Weight Capacity300 lb

If you are searching for a tall nursery glider that is also GreenGuard Certified, look no further than the Arlo Swivel Glider. To become GreeGuard Certified, the material used in making this lovely glider undergo a series of their party tests. These tests follow a set of criteria for how many harmful chemical emissions and how many cannot.

To become GreenGuard Certified, a product has to pass incredibly rigorous testing. Once a certified product gets to your door, you will know exactly what it is made of, and rest easy knowing your baby will breathe fresh, clean air in their nursery, at least from their glider. 

Stains are always a concern when you are around a baby. You never know when they may leak or, even worse, spit-up. The chair has water-repellent and stain-resistant properties, keeping your fabric fresh for years to come.  The glider comes in five different neutral colors. 

It will rock, glide, swivel and recline while you are using it. The chair, which is a partnership between Carter’s and Davinci, two baby product giants, has an easy-open leg rest for quick practical use.

The seat cushion measures 7” for comfortable seating, which is essential since you will spend a lot of time sitting in the chair. It also includes a bonus lower back pillow for increased lumbar support. The nursery glider can support up to 300 pounds of weight and has a back height of 41.5” and a depth of 29”, which will surely accommodate the tallest of parents. 


  • A perfect blend of rocking and gliding motion
  • Bonus lumbar support pillow
  • Glides smoothly
  • Easy assembly


  • Kickstand may be difficult for some to close
  • Nothing to support your feet when partially reclined

Soho Swivel Glider 

Dimensions29.5″H x 31″W x 36″D
Color Options5 Color Options
CapabilitiesGlides and Swivels
Weight Capacity250 lb

The cushy Soho Swivel Glider both glides and swivels. The key feature of this chair is its tall back. The high back is well padded with supportive foam with an 8” cushion. The chair itself has a modern look with clean lines. It swivels 360-degrees so you can turn anywhere you want in your baby’s nursery. Overall, the Soho Swivel glider is 31” wide by 36” deep with 6” arms. The seat is 16.5” high by 19.25” wide and 19.25” deep. 

The chair can hold up to 250 pounds and is made out of solid wood with galvanized steel detailing. The matching ottoman can be purchased separately to complete the set. If you have any spills or pesky spit-up, use a microfiber cloth with cold water and gentle soap. 


  • Plenty of cushion
  • Tall back
  • Tool-free assembly
  • One-year warranty


  • You have to purchase the ottoman separately
  • Can be challenging to glide on carpet

Sibbi Reclining Glider

Dimensions39.5″H x 31.5″W x 36″D
Color Options2 Color Options
CapabilitiesReclines, Glides and Swivels
Weight Capacity300 lb

If you are looking for a nursery chair that can recline, look no further than the Sibbi Reclining Glider. This simple but classic design comes in either beige or grey, keeping it neutral for your nursery. The plus to having a neutral color glider is that you can dress it up with throw pillows or a blanket in your nursery colors to tie it in. 

The chair has gliding, reclining, and swivel functions with two reclining positions. With multiple settings, you can find the one that is most comfortable for you and your baby. The chair is made from solid wood with polyester fabric. The back and arms have plenty of padding for breastfeeding support. The chair also includes a footrest that can be extended as you recline, perfect for a bit of a catnap. 

The seat can hold up to 300 pounds with plenty of room for you and your little one. The chair measures 39.5” from the floor to the top of the back with a 36” seat depth. You will have plenty of room for a support or nursing pillow with a 31.5” seat width. The arms are 26.5” inches long with 5” of width. When the chair is fully reclined with the kickstand out, it measures 67” and weighs 88 pounds. 


  • High quality
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Quick assembly
  • Easy to recline and swivel


  • Can only use the footrest in the reclining position
  • Only has a 30-day warranty

Erikson Glider and Ottoman

Dimensions40″H x 25.75″W x 24.5″D
Color Options13 Color Options
Weight Capacity250 lb

The Erikson Glider and Ottoman is a relatively budget-friendly glider that does not sacrifice look or function for price.  This traditional nursery rocker had plenty of cushions, an included ottoman, and pockets. One of the huge upsides to this glider is that it comes in 13 different colors. Sometimes having a wider color variety than just the neutrals is greatly appreciated, especially if you want to keep the nursery to a particular look. 

The glider also has a matching ottoman to keep your feet elevated and comfortable while you are attending to your little one. The cushions are removable, so you can place them in the washer or dryer to clean up the messes that are bound to happen. 

The glider measures 38” from the floor to the top of the back, which is a little shorter than some of the other gliders. However, it is still very comfortable. The seat is 18” across, leaving you with room to get comfortable, but not a whole lot of extra room.

However, if your little one has an older sibling, you may enjoy the smaller seat width since it deters the sibling from jumping in, too, especially when you do not want them to. The ottoman is the perfect complimentary piece. Sitting at 14.4” tall is gives support to your legs and will rock with you. 


  • Stains remove quickly from the cushions
  • Only have to attach arms and best rest for assembly
  • Does not make any knows while rocking
  • Great for both tall and broad parents


  • Does not swivel or recline
  • Slight chemical smell when pulled out of the box

Storkcraft Tuscany Custom Glider

Dimensions41″H x 28″W x 19″D
Color Options7 Color Options
Weight Capacity250 lb

Storkcraft is known for making fabulous children’s products. They are always well-made, durable, and functional. This gorgeous Tuscany Glider comes in seven different colors, giving you plenty of options to match your nursery’s decor. The glider arrives disassembled, so be prepared to put it together. However, it is a simple assembly that should not take very long. Fully assembled, the chair is 29″ by 28″ by 41″, giving you plenty of room to sit back and relax in the cushions. 

The cushions are polyester and easily spot cleaned to remove any spit-up. Even the arms are padded and soft, plus they have a storage pocket. The cushion is also made of non-toxic fabrics as is the paint providing your little one with a clean environment. The seat is spacious and includes a lumbar pillow for added support. The glider smooth with ball bearings to allow you a comfortable glide. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Tall back with plenty of cushion
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Armrests provide feeding support


  • Pillow isn’t as helpful as described
  • May have a shorter shelf-life than other pricier gliders

Forever Eclectic Cozy Glider

Dimensions39″H x 26″W x 26.5″D
Color Options3 Color Options
Weight Capacity250 lb

The Cozy Glider and ottoman set by Childcraft are comfy and tall. The semi-upholstered glider is made out of solid wood with storage pockets on the sides for keeping track of the baby’s things. The chair is set on ball bearings to give it a smooth, gentle glide that will help you calm your baby and rock them right to sleep. 

The chair comes in three different popular finishes making it simple to find one that matches your nursery decor. The chair does require slight assembly, but it is relatively painless. When fully assembled, the glider is 25.5” long by 26” wide and is 39” tall. It can hold up to 250 pounds. The ottoman is 19.5” long by 26” wide and is 13.5” high. The glider itself weighs about 47 pounds. 


  • Well-padded lower back and side support
  • Less than 15-minute assembly
  • Non-toxic finishes
  • Easily spot-treated


  • Cushions are thin
  • No head-support

Dutailier Sleigh Glider

Dimensions42.5″H x 27″W x 31″D
Color Options7 Color Options
CapabilitiesReclines and Glides
Weight Capacity250 lb

The Dutailier Sleigh Glider is a multi-position chair that can rock, glide and recline. The back of the chair can recline at a 45-degree angle. It also has a lock so you can set your position, and it will stay there. The fabric is made of polyester with a design to ensure the cushions will not lose their shape. The chair frame is made out of hardwood. 

The chair is primarily preassembled, with four screws for you to put the final pieces in place. Ball-bearings make sure you always have a smooth glide and with very little noise. The chair is 31’ by 27” by 42.5”, giving you a wide seat and a tall back. The bonus with this chair is the bottom seat slides out when you recline. The chair has an included gliding footstool for added foot support. 


  • Removable cushions can be washed
  • Can still glide while you recline
  • 5 -year warranty
  • Minimal assembly


  • No added storage
  • Does not recline flat

Things to Consider for Choosing a Glider if You’re Tall

Since a stiff back or neck is the last thing you want on your plate as a new parent, there are a few factors to consider when searching for the best tall nursery glider. You may think that having a glider is all about making your baby comfortable, which is mostly true. However, if you cannot get comfortable, you will not help your baby relax while they are being rocked in their nursery glider. 

Therefore, you must find something that suits your body type and height. As a parent 5’ 8” and above, criteria such as back height, headrests, seat depth, and footrests become something you need to consider. 

Check out my article on How to Choose a Nursery Glider for more tips!

Back Height

The nursery glider’s back height is important because you do not want to feel like you are going to lean back and fall out of the chair. You also want proper lumbar and neck support while you are holding your baby. Proper support will prevent any muscle strain or injury.  

A proper back height will also place the headrest in the correct spot. If there is a padded one, it will come in handy if you need to take a snooze in the chair. If it is in the wrong spot, you will not be able to relax without squishing yourself down in the nursery glider to rest your head on it.

If the headrest is too low, it will push your head forward, which can add strain to your neck. If there is no built-in headrest on the back of the chair, your head will lean back over the top of the chair, which is incredibly uncomfortable. 

Look for a chair with a seat back height of 29” and over. When measuring from your floor to the top of the nursery glider, search for nursery rockers that are 40” tall or higher. If you are finding it a challenge to locate gliders at that minimum, you can also try a glider with the floor to the top height of 36 to 38” with at least a 26” chair back height.

This will open up your options a little bit. Don’t be afraid to look at chairs that are not typically baby brands too. If you are looking for a chair that just rocks, swivels, and reclines, you could even look at something like a Lazy Boy recliner since they often come with a higher back. 

Your best bet is to search for gliders with high backs, which should yield quite a few results that will suit tall parents, keeping you comfortable and focused on taking care of your little one and their needs. 

Seat Depth

You may wonder why seat depth matters as long as your back is supported. However, you do not want a short seat that makes you feel like you will fall off the chair. It is best to have your legs parallel to the nursery glider seat.

If you have long legs, you will want to look at chairs or nursery gliders that at least have 19 to 20 inches in seat depth. Seats with that depth will easily accommodate your legs, making sure your backrests comfortably up against the seatback and your feet can rest comfortably on the floor. 

The proper depth will also ensure that your knees do not sit awkwardly, nor will you feel like your knees are in your chest, leaving plenty of room for you to hold your baby in your lap or up against your chest.

A deeper chair will also help if you need to add a lumbar support pillow. However, make sure you do not get too deep of a nursery chair, as it may be challenging to get out of an extra deep glider while holding your little one, especially if you are getting up by yourself. 

Seat Width

Finding a nursery glider with the appropriate seat width matters for multiple reasons. When you sit down on the chair, you want to have enough room to get comfortable and not feel like you are sandwiched between the two armrests. You will also want enough room to place a support pillow or a nursing pillow. 

Since nursery gliders are one of the more expensive pieces for your nursery, you will likely want to keep them for a very long time. With that in mind, you will want to find a seat that is at least 18″ wide, which should give you enough space to snuggle on the chair with your little one as they grow from a baby into a toddler. 

Footrest Length When Reclined

Foort rests are the perfect addition to a nursery recliner. Sometimes you just need to put your feet up and relax while taking care of your baby. However, if the footrest is short, you will not be able to relax. The last thing you want is for your feet to dangle off the edge or, even worse, have the footrest end somewhere awkward, like mid-calf or behind your knees. You would then have to scrunch up your legs to get in a semi-useful position. 

Look for gliders with attached footrests that are at least 67” when you are fully reclined. This length will give a bit of space. However, depending on your height, you won’t be able to fully stretch out without part of your foot hanging off. 

Another great option is to get a nursery glider that comes with a footstool or ottoman. Since these items are detached from the chair, they can be adjusted to the perfect distance to support your feet or legs. Some ottomans glide as well, so they can move in sync with your chair. Others include a stationary, unpadded side that your can place your feet on for support if your knees are bent. 

Ottomans are excellent additions to your chair since they usually are wider than the glide footstools allowing you to use them for multiple uses, including sitting on them. Many ottomans that come with the nursery chairs also have space inside for storage, which is fantastic because what nursery could not use a bit more storage? 

Whether you choose a built-in footrest or one that is separate, having that option to put your feet up will come in handy.  

Final Thoughts on Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents

Tall parents have always had to put in a little extra effort on the research end while looking for nursery items. It is hard to find items that won’t make them feel like they will overextend while leaning over, just all around feel awkward.

Thankfully manufacturers have begun to get the hint and are producing more and more pieces such as nursery glider with those who are 5”8” to 5”’ 10” and above in mind. Hopefully, our list of the best nursery glider for tall parents helps you find a product that you will love, or at the very least, gives you a great starting point!

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