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The 6 Best Baby Loungers | 2021 Reviews

As a parent of a newborn, your hands are often as full as your heart. Usually, you don’t want to put your little down because you can’t help but sit and stare at your perfect little bundle. However, as cute as your little one may be, you still have tasks to complete around your home. A handy solution for keeping your baby comfortable and safe is using a baby lounger.

Best Baby Loungers Reviewed

With some babies, you have to test something new out to see if it will work for them, while others will take to new things easily. There is a wide variety in the selection of baby loungers available, making it hard to know which one will be best for your baby. Here is a collection of our top baby lounger picks based on overall reviews, quality, and safety.

Boppy Original Newborn Lounger

Boppy is a commonly seen brand when it comes to items for babies. Almost every mom has either heard of or tried a product by Boppy. The Boppy lounger is the classic hang out spot for your little one. The cozy pillow has an indented space that snuggles around your baby, keeping them secure and providing their head with proper support. The lounger has a top handle, making it easy to carry throughout your house or pack in the car to go. The fabric is easily wiped off if any spit up escapes while in use. The whole thing is completely washable in the event any massive blowouts happen.

The lounger is designed for newborns up to 16 pounds or discontinue use when your child starts rolling on their own. The angle of the pillow is ideal for feeding since it keeps your baby’s head at the appropriate angle. It is filled with a fiber filling, and the cover is made of cotton. Pillow can be used for solo sitting time and is supportive enough for tummy time.


  • Plush pillow, keeping your baby comfortable
  • Easy to travel with
  • Machine washable
  • Removable covers available


  • Only fits babies up to 16 pounds, or when they start to roll
  • The cover is not removable

Mamibaby Baby Nest

The baby lounger by Mamibaby is incredibly soft, portable, and easy to set up. The cover is made of 100% hypoallergenic cotton and is reversible. The cover is also completely removable, making it easy to wash.

The lounger’s design is intended to mimic the shape of a mother’s womb keeping your baby warm and cozy. The lounger also had a bumper along the edges to prevent your child from rolling out. If you just need the mat for tummy time or playtime, the bumper can be removed entirely. The bumpers can be adjusted as needed with the cord on the ends, either making it smaller or larger as required. The cord can also be left wholly undone to allow for more room for your little one.

The Mamibaby lounger is very portable, weighing only about 3.5 pounds. The lounger’s top has handles, or it can be folded down into the nests carrying bag. Mamibaby also offers 24/7 support and a 30-day refund, no questions asked if your baby does not like the best.


  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Fits babies up to 24 months
  • Two-sided cover – cotton or soft velvet
  • Firm, but soft base


  • Needs to be aired out or washed before use
  • Take note of how you disassemble it, as it does not come with reassembly instructions

Leacho Podster Sling Style Infant Seat

The doughnut-shaped Leacho Podster seat is designed to support your child’s weight all the way around. The deep inset seat also helps to keep your child secure. The inner ring can be adjusted to expand as your baby grows and can be cinched in tighter if they need to be more secure.

The angle of the podster assists in your child’s breathing and aids in proper digestion. The cover has a zipper making it easy to slip off if any spills or spit up happens and toss into the washing machine. The interior can be cleaned with a cloth with soapy water as needed. The podster weighs less than three pounds, making it lightweight for transportation. The podster can accommodate babies up to 16 pounds or when your baby begins to roll over on their own.


  • The removable cover is machine washable
  • Adjustable support to grow with your child
  • Useful for lounging or tummy time
  • Lightweight for easy travel


  • The inner lounger cannot be machine washed
  • May not cinch in far enough for smaller, shorter babies

Snuggle Me Organic Bare Baby Lounger

The Snuggle Me lounger is created to hug your child as they lay on its natural 100% cotton padding. If you are conscious of the materials your baby items are made of, this is the lounger for you. The Snuggle Me is ethically made in the United States and is GOTS certified organic. The fill is polyester fiber and non-toxic with hypoallergenic fabrics, which is also very helpful if your little one has very sensitive skin. The lounger is also machine washable, making it easy to take care of any messes.

The Snuggle Me is made for supervised play, tummy time, lounging, and can even be used as a part of a changing station. This lounger is excellent for moms who are space-challenged and need a multi-functional baby product. Baby is meant to sit with their head and body inside the Snuggle Me, and their arms and legs can lay over the sides as needed. Since it is made to encompass only this portion of your child, it can be used up to 9 months old or even longer, depending on your child’s size and comfort level.


  • Organic and hypoallergenic for sensitive babies
  • Practical hands-free solution
  • Hug like feeling helps baby feel like they are still in your arms
  • Excellent customer service if you do have any issues


  • Covers need to be purchased separately 
  • The bottom piece may not be cushy enough for some babies

DockATot Deluxe 

DockATot is the classic baby lounger. It is made to mimic the womb to provide ultimate comfort to your baby. This lounger is shaped to be a snug, nurturing environment perfect for tummy time. The sides can be used to facilitate tummy time by putting baby’s arms over the sides and helping to prop them up.
The fabrics will also keep your baby at a comfortable temperature since it is made of OEKO-TEX certified material, ensuring your baby is at the ideal temperature while laying in the DockATot. It is lightweight and portable for use at home or while you are away.


  • Does not allow your baby to roll over
  • Multi-functional lounger for play, diaper changing, and tummy time
  • Can be used up to 8 months old
  • Weighs less than a pound and a half


  • Does not fold up smaller for transportation
  • Hard to put back together after washing

Lulyboo Travel Infant Bed

The Lulyboo Travel infant bed is the perfect option for an infant lounger if you do a lot of travel and are interested in indoor and outdoor use. The bed goes from a curled up backpack to an oval bed for your little one to lay down on and play. The bottom mattress and sides are all one piece, so you do not need to worry about taking anything apart or losing any of the parts while wearing it as a backpack.

The bed comes with a shade cover to protect your baby’s face from the sun during outdoor use as well as an infant toy bar with plush toys to keep your baby occupied while they are in the lounger. The universal toy loops can be used with your babies favorite toys. The bottom of the lounger is waterproof, which is helpful for outdoor use. The side of the lounger also has a small storage pocket ideal for storing pacifiers or teethers.

The breathable material ensures that your baby won’t get too warm while laying in the lounger. If there are any messes, you can unzip the cover and stick it in the washing machine to clean. The lounger’s interior is 28 inches long, giving your baby lots of room to play and grow. It is rated up to 30 pounds or until your baby can push up on their own. The bassinet is meant to be used on a hard surface only and always supervised.


  • Quickly turns into a backpack
  • Waterproof base
  • Infant toy play bar
  • Sunshade for outdoor use


  • The bottom layer does not have a removable cover
  • No carrying handles

What is a Baby Lounger?

Baby loungers are a cross between a mini-mattress and a pillow, designed with grooves or edges to keep your little one in place. Many are designed to cradle the baby to keep them from rolling out. There are many different designs and styles available to support your baby while they are not in your arms.

Since little babies do not move as much, baby loungers do not have any straps, which can become problematic when your little decides to become adventurous. Babies should always be watched while they are in a baby lounger since they cannot be secured, and they tend to wiggle.

Benefits of Using a Baby Lounger

Aside from being a cozy place for your baby to snuggle into, baby loungers have many benefits for mom too.


When you are a new mom, there is nothing you want to do more than hold your baby in your arms. And what better excuse is there for not doing the daily household chores that you really like to put off anyways? As much as we all would rather not, the laundry eventually needs to get done, and you will have to make food since eating is necessary!

A baby lounger makes it easy to set your baby down on a surface that is safe, clean, and almost as cozy as being in your arms. It is the perfect space for them while you make a sandwich, change over the laundry, or make the bed.


Baby loungers are very portable. Most weigh less than three pounds and have handles so you can pick them up one-handed while holding your baby in the other. As you move from room to room in your home, your baby can quickly move along with you. This isn’t as easy to do when you have your baby in a swing, bassinet, or pack n’ play.

All of those baby products require a little more time and set up, and usually, the use of both of your hands to move and set up. This isn’t ideal if your baby doesn’t like to be set down, and it would require your baby to be out of your eyesight for a minute while you set up the device. A baby lounger removes these obstacles, which also helps if you are only staying in another room for a short time.

Baby loungers are also ideal for travel. Since they are easily transportable, you can pack them into the car for a trip to visit grandma and grandpa or take them with you on vacation. Many brands come with carrying cases that they fold down into, making it easy to put them into your baby’s suitcase.

Easy to Assemble

Many baby loungers need little to no setup. Once you get them home, they come out of the box, ready to go wherever you need them the most. Some baby loungers require you to attach the sides to the base, which can be a reasonably simple task to accomplish. With other loungers unfolding and shaping may be the extent of your assembly tasks.

If your lounger comes with a cover, you will need to put the cover on prior to your baby using it. Placing a cover on your lounger will increase the lifespan of the product by decreasing overall washings. It will also protect the inner layer from everyday light messes. Once you do these simple steps, you just need to place it on a firm surface in whichever room you need to be hands-free in and watch your baby simultaneously.

Give Your Arms and Back a Break

As much as we all love snuggling our babies, holding them 24/7 is just not practical and can be damaging to your arms and back. As your baby grows, you start to strain your arms and back muscles, leading to lower back pain and tense shoulders. Both of these can have lasting effects for you as a parent. Tight shoulders can also lead to terrible headaches for some moms.

Having a place to set your baby down, like a baby lounger, can save your body from the added weight on your already tired muscles. New parents also end up with lower back pain due to continually bending over to pick up or feed their babies. Loungers can be placed on a higher solid surface, with supervision, to help prevent additional back pain.

Features You Should Look For

Baby loungers seem like relatively simple devices. However, there are many different variations with different styles. Here are a few features to consider and why they are essential.

Materials and Fabric

Most baby loungers are made of either cotton or polyester. Both of these materials are very safe for babies and are generally pretty easy to clean. If your baby has incredibly sensitive skin, you may want to consider a baby lounger with organic cotton. With organic materials, you can eliminate any chemicals that may be an irritant. You can also search by hypoallergenic fabrics to find those that are safe and scent-free.

Cotton and polyester are both soft yet sturdy materials, which is why they are commonly used in baby products. Cotton also is a breathable fabric. Breathable fabrics are important for babies because the more air that moves around them, the more comfortable they will be. When babies are comfortable, they will relax and be more apt to sit in the lounger for an extended period of time. Uncomfortable babies will demand to be out of the lounger quickly, which defeats the lounger’s purpose.


Each lounger manufacturer puts their own spin on their product by having a different shape and size. When choosing a lounger, you need to consider your baby’s shape and size. Another factor will be the length of time you hope to use the lounger. If you want to use it for a longer duration, you will want to choose a lounger with an extended length.

Easy to Clean 

There are some loungers that you can just look at and know it will be impossible to clean in the incredibly likely event of a blowout. A lounger that is easy to take apart or can just be thrown in the washer as is will be a lifesaver. You will want to look for one that is machine washable and has a cover. Both of those features will make your job as a parent a little simpler. Some fabrics are super easy to wipe off and spot clean if there is a tiny mess, such as a bit of spit-up.

Deeply Contoured Sides

Since the vast majority of loungers do not have any straps to secure your little one, they need to have deep sides to keep your baby in place. Like size, depth varies from brand to brand. You will need to pick a depth that fits your baby’s size and activity level. Your choice will ultimately rest with the baby seat that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Convenient for Travel

Other hands-free baby products like swings, playpens, and bouncers are incredibly bulky. Their bulkiness makes it near impossible to toss them in the car and take them on a trip.

Enter baby loungers! They are not just easy to set up but can be tossed into the car or baby bag, depending on how small they can fold. They are also very lightweight, so if they are a style that does not fold down, they can be carried by their handle without an issue like the Boppy Lounger.

How to Use a Baby Lounger Safely

If you do a quick google search for baby loungers, you are bound to run across an article or two about lounger safety. Many people refuse to use them because they seem like a safety hazard for little ones. However, there are many loungers available that are perfectly safe to set your little one in. The key is to use them as the manufacturer intends them to be used.

Clear Area of Obstacles

When looking for a place to set the baby lounger in your home, find a spot that is free and clear of any obstacles. If there is clutter on the floor or large, hard furniture nearby, it can be a potential hazard for you and your baby. The last thing you want to do is trip and fall after having a baby.

Baby’s Position

Place your child on their backs in the lounger and make sure their head is supported. Proper placement in a lounger will prevent incidences of suffocation. Baby should never be placed in a lounger on their sides or on their tummy’s as they could roll into the sides. The only time they should be on their tummy’s is if adequately placed for 100% supervised tummy time.

Do not Put in a Crib or Bassinet

Loungers are intended to be used on solid surfaces, such as carpet, hard floor, or outside on a lawn. Placing them inside cribs or bassinets directly goes against many manufacturer’s recommendations and the AAP’s recommendation.

No Loose Blankets

Loose blankets are not recommended for use with infants. Blankets can get bunched up and wrap around your baby while they are sleeping. Babies can accidentally put coverings over their faces and be unsure how to get them off, which poses a suffocation hazard.

Not Safe for Unsupervised Sleep 

It is inevitable that when babies get very comfortable, especially when they are little, they may doze off. While loungers are not intended for babies to sleep in, cat naps may happen during the day. However, it is unsafe to allow your baby to sleep in a lounger while they are unsupervised.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many fantastic baby loungers on the market. The best baby lounger is going to be the one that fits your baby and your lifestyle. When searching for the best one for you, you need to consider portability, size, fabric, and style. 

Since many baby loungers are an investment, you will want a lounger that your child will be able to use for more than a couple months. If your child has sensitive skin, the type of fabric used will be an important consideration for you. If a lot of travel is in your plans, then a lounger with a carrying case and condenses into a smaller size may be the feature you focus on. 

There are also many different styles of loungers, from sling styles to those that mimic the womb. When looking at the different types, you will need to consider which one you think your child will be the most comfortable.

While many baby loungers are touted as co-sleepers, marketed for napping, they are still soft surfaces that are not deemed safe for babies to sleep in. They should never be placed in cribs, bassinets, playpens, or cradles. The AAP recommends that babies only sleep on a firm surface such as a mattress in a crib with a fitted sheet and no loose bedding or objects around them. 

This recommendation is to keep your baby safe and reduce the risk of SIDS and suffocation. The AAP also recommends that your baby only sleeps on their back up until they are 1 year old. We do not recommend sleeping in a baby lounger since it is against the AAP’s safe sleep environment standards and can pose a significant risk to your child.

If appropriately used, baby loungers are perfectly safe for your baby. Many like the Boppy follow the strict guidelines put in place by The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and other governing bodies.  

To ensure your child’s safety, always use the lounger for its intended purpose, and never leave them unsupervised. Loungers should never be placed in cribs, cradles, bassinets, playpens, play yards, or even in their beds. Loungers are intended to be used on the floor or ground with your child in your line of sight. 

Loungers should not be put on counters, couches, or beds. As your baby gets older and starts to become more mobile, there is a higher risk that they will roll out of the baby lounger. To prevent this, make sure you are always watching your baby while they are in the lounger. Stop using the baby lounger when you see signs your child is advancing to rolling or pushing themselves up.

The Boppy Lounger is designed for newborn babies up to 16 pounds or babies rolling on their own. The Boppy Lounger is designed with an inset center that holds your little one in place. The lounger is indented to be used for hands-free playing with your baby, snapping photos, and can be used for feeding time.

Washing your baby lounger is ideal since babes are known for making messes consistently. It is equally handy if you are using the lounger during feeding times. While many loungers are washable, you will need to reference your owner’s manual to see which parts of your lounger may be washed. 

With some loungers, only the cover can be washed while with others, you can clean the entirety of the product. If your entire lounger is not washable, you can take a cloth, dip it in soapy water and use it to spot treat. 

After washing your baby lounger, it is also essential to make sure that it is completely dry. A wet baby lounger can promote the growth of things like mold and mildew that are unhealthy for your baby to be around and breathe. It also will cause strange odors to come from the lounger.

Tummy time should be started immediately with your newborn if they will tolerate it. Tummy time is incredibly important to your child’s development as it builds their motor skills, visual, and senses. Tummy time is actually considered an exercise for your baby since it is building skills and muscle groups. During tummy time, your baby will develop the muscles needed to help them lift their head and learn how to crawl. 

A baby lounger can help to facilitate tummy time in infants who do not enjoy the activity. Their arms can be placed over the lounger’s sides with the pillowy portion of the lounger beneath their chest. If it is still uncomfortable, you can always place a rolled-up towel or blanket under their chest to make it a little more tolerable for your baby.

Final Thoughts

While the use of baby loungers tends to be highly debated, they are an invaluable tool for parents of newborns if they are correctly used. Remember to always keep an eye on your little one while they are in the lounger and keep any hazardous objects at a distance.

Loungers tend to be pricier. When picking the best one for your newborn, look for one that can grow with your child. Multi-functional ones can help take the sting out of such an expensive short term purchase. Covers will increase the longevity of your lounger. Picking the perfect lounger for your baby will be an individual choice based on what is most comfortable for your baby and fits your lifestyle.

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