Babymoon in Aptos California at the Mushroom Dome Cabin

Last year my husband and I were planning our Santa Cruz honeymoon when we came across the Mushroom Dome Cabin on airbnb. It was completely booked out for months so we decided to pick a random weekend in July of the following year and make reservations. At the time we did not know I would be pregnant, but it worked out perfectly. We were able to turn the weekend into a fun mini babymoon. One last trip to enjoy each other’s company before our baby boy arrives.

Mushroom Cabin Dome

Babymoon in Aptos California at the Mushroom Dome Cabin

If you haven’t heard of the Mushroom Dome Cabin before, it’s the number 1 booked property on airbnb. Its remotely located in the middle of the redwoods yet still close to town where you can easily explore.  The owner, Kitty, is so sweet and she greeted us upon arrival to show us around the cabin. The main floor is modest with a couch, kitchen area, and bathroom. The loft above contains a bed with a partial window in the dome to view the gorgeous redwoods. Think glorified tree house!

One of the highlights of this place was the hummingbirds. Kitty was so knowledgeable about them and we got to sit and watch them on the house deck where they feed them. Their garden gets 250-500 hummingbirds year-round and it was amazing to see them.

Cafe Bittersweet

Babymoon in Aptos California at the Mushroom Dome Cabin

We started our first morning off with a delicious breakfast at Cafe Bittersweet. Since I’ve had to forgo the mimosas and bloody mary’s during pregnancy, my go-to has been hot chocolate with whip cream. Hot chocolate combined with their Tahitian Vanilla French Toast was amazing. The cafe is cozy and offers a quaint atmosphere which was the perfect way for us to connect and begin our day.

Humble Sea Brewing

My husband and I are huge on craft beer. When we travel we always make stops at breweries. Obviously I can’t enjoy beer at the moment, but I wanted to hit at least one brewery on our trip so my husband could enjoy. Humble Sea Brewing is one of our favorites. He enjoyed a flight of beer and we even grabbed some cans to take back to our airbnb.

Kelly’s French Bakery

Babymoon in Aptos California at the Mushroom Dome Cabin

I studied French all four years of high school and my first three years of college. I’ve forgotten most of the language since I’ve been out of practice for far longer than I was taking it. French food has always been one of my favorites though! Kelly’s French Bakery happened to be located right around the corner from Humble Sea Brewing. It is the cutest little bakery with a vast array of pastries. We enjoyed some sandwiches and I got to walk away with my favorite desert ever!! Who else loves Macarons?!?

Seacliff State Beach

Seacliff State Beach is known for for it’s fishing pier where the SS Palo Alto, also known as the cement ship, resides. The Palo Alto was built in 1917 for wartime use as tankers, but was not completed before World War One ended. Palo Alto remained docked in Oakland, California until 1929 when it was brought to Seacliff State Beach to be used as an attraction. Currently, the ship is closed to the public and most of the pier is blocked off for safety reasons. That didn’t stop us from enjoying the views though! We spent our time walking along the pier and boardwalk while breathing in all that wonderful ocean air.

Verve Coffee Roasters

Babymoon in Aptos California at the Mushroom Dome Cabin

My husband was raving about how Verve Coffee Roasters has the best coffee he has ever tried. We decided this would be the perfect last stop of our trip before we headed back home. If busy is any indication of quality, this place was packed! The baristas were friendly and my chai latte was pretty delicious. Stationed just outside the front door was the cutest little flower truck that I kind of fell in love with.

Our babymoon was everything I had hoped for. Relaxed, stress free, and some quality time for us to enjoy each other’s company. I always love experiencing new spots with my husband and getting to explore towns. Aptos is definitely one of my favorite towns to spend a mini vacation at.

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  1. Oh my goodness that cabin looks UNREAL!!!! Putting it on my bucket list!!!

    1. It’s so amazing! Definitely a bucket list spot.

  2. What a gorgeous place to be for your babymoon! I love the Redwoods. This sounds like it was a fortuitous decision to book!

  3. i’ve always wondered what it would be like to stay in a cute little place like this! i love that there’s so much to do around it as well. this might have to be the next getaway for me and hubby😊

    1. I love how much there is to do around this spot too. Makes for a great trip!

  4. I love the mushroom cabin dome! So cozy looking and mushroomy–I <3 (love) mushrooms (the food), by the way! The Redwoods sound like a very interesting and beautiful place. Would like to visit Redwoods someday!

    1. I’m a fan of mushrooms (the food) too! The Redwoods are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful place and a babymoon sounds like such a wonderful idea! Definitely adding this cute little cottage to my AirBnB favorites list!

  6. This would be a dream trip! That cabin is absolutely charming and the setting is breathtaking!

  7. Ok, that cabin looks like it is out of a fairy tale. LOVE it!

    1. Agreed! Reminded me a little of a fairytale too.

  8. What a great idea for a babymoon! Can’t imagine a better way to spend your time with your husband. That place looks amazing and seems to be a perfect spot for a weekend trip. I love the Mushroom Cabin Dome. 🙂

  9. I hadn’t heard of the mushroom dome cabin! It is so cute and so fun to stay there for a babymoon. I’m going to keep your ideas in mind for the next time I get out to that part of California! 🙂

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