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Best Baby Floor Mats for Crawling | 2021 Reviews

Once your little one begins to crawl, they quickly take off every which way. Sometimes they get into areas that you prefer they stay out of. Other times they just explore their little hearts out. One way to make sure that little ones stay put is to get them a floor mat for crawling.

Floor mats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are very interactive. Floor mats encourage your little one to stay in one spot for longer since the mat holds their interest for a longer period. They may very well solve the case of the crawl-away baby! 

Best Baby Floor Mats for Crawling Reviewed

Our list of the best baby floor mats is based on reviews, features, and overall design. We have thoroughly researched the options available in order to give you the perfect starting point. Enjoy!

Firares Foam Reversible Baby Play Mat

Dimensions71 x 79 x 0.6 inches
Colors3 color options

The Fiares foam reversible baby play mat is made of many layers, so your baby will have a more comfortable play space. It is waterproof, elastic, and baby-safe. The little over a half-inch of foam will give your new crawler or walker a soft place to end up if they fall. 

The mat is easy to clean and has an anti-scratch surface. The double-sided mat has two different prints for keeping your little guy occupied. One side is dedicated to planes and trains, and the other is filled with adorable animals. The portable mat also folds up into a smaller square to store in a closet or under the bed. It can even slide into your trunk to accompany you on your next trip. 


  • Anti-scratch surface
  • Patterns encourage learning and play
  • Non-slip surface
  • Reversible 


  • It cannot fold down to a single square size
  • The colors are not exactly like the photo

YOOVEE Baby Play Mat

Dimensions76 x 57 x 0.4 inches
Colors3 color options

The Yoovee baby mat is made of non-toxic materials making the mat a safe place to play for extended periods of time. In addition, the surface can be cleaned with a cloth and is waterproof. The multi-purpose mat can be used inside for play and for baby yoga. It can also go outside for some fresh air and a picnic. The water-resistant mat repels liquid so it will not stain. 

All the pieces fold down into a storage bag when not in use. The folded size is very compact and will not take up much room. The bag makes it easy to travel with in the car or in a place. The top has an anti-slip pattern so your little will not slip while they are already trying to figure out this whole movement thing. The mat is also reversible. If your little gets tired of one side, just flip it over to the other. 


  • Plant-based creation
  • Non-skid 
  • Multi-use
  • Foldable


  • A little on the thin side
  • Not for rough and tumble play

Famokids Baby Play Mat Tummy Time Mat

Dimensions4 x 4 ft | 4 x 6 ft | 6 x 8 ft | 8 x 12 ft
Colors5 color options

The Famokids Baby Mat ranges from 4’ by 4’ to 8′ x 12′ of roomy tummy time fun. The interlocking pieces are simple to put together and give you some flexibility within your space. The surface is waterproof and very easy to clean with a cloth. 

This mat is meant to go through the stages with you as your child begins to roll, crawl, walk, and run! The tiles come a part into 2’ x 2’ sections, easily stored or transported. The color of this particular mat is neutral, so it will match with any decor without being overwhelming. The neutral color also will not distract from the toys you want your little to be playing with. 

If you want a larger mat, you can order multiple sets to put together. The durable material will hold up to hours of play. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Very soft
  • Can make any size
  • Neutral colors


  • The pattern does not flow properly
  • A little pricey

SuperJare 25 pieces Baby Play Mat

Dimensions47.4 x 47.4 x 0.47 inches or 59.6 x 59.6 x 0.56 inches
Colors4 color options

The SuperJare comes in four different colors and plenty of neutral options. The 9 playmats tiles can be set up on their own or combined with the 12 edge tiles. Four tiles are fan-shaped. All of the tiles come in a zippered pouch for easy storage and transportation. The mat is less than a half an inch thick, but it gives your baby a soft surface to lay on and cushions their fall as they learn to be more mobile. 

The high-quality foam is waterproof, so liquids will not absorb into the surface. Just come by with a cloth and wipe up any spill that may happen. If some more serious cleaning needs to happen, use a mild detergent and wipe any of the dirty spots away. Each other the tiles has its own pattern and shape to stimulate your little one’s brain and take the first steps to learning animals and shapes. The sides also encourage hand-eye coordination while keeping your child secure within its walls. The mat is also made of non-toxic materials. 

There are not any lead, chrome, or phthalates in the foam. Since there are no small accessories included, there is relatively no chance that they will choke on anything. Of course, keep a watchful eye on them either way. It is also effortless to put together, 


  • Re-shapable into many configurations
  • Promotes growth of motor skills
  • Folds down to a lightweight carry on 
  • Waterproof surface


  • Slides across hardwood
  • A little small for the price

Toddleroo by North States

Dimensions71 x 71 inches
Colors3 color options

The Toddleroo is a foam play mat that measures 71” x 71” for a large play surface for your little. The foam is baby-safe and is made out of non-toxic, BPA-free, hypoallergenic materials. Your little one will get to learn their ABCs and their animals while playing with this colorful mat. 

The mat pieces fit together like a puzzle and folds down for easy transportation. It weighs just under three pounds. The mat can be used on its own or inside a play yard. 


  • Versatile mat
  • Comes apart for easy storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Toxin-free


  • Only a half-inch thick
  • Easy for biters to rip apart. 

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

Dimensions27 x 36 x 17.99 inches
Colors4 color options

The Fisher-Price Kick & Play Piano Gym is a multi-functional floor mat. Your little one can begin with tummy time and move to playing sitting up. The best part is that it is also portable. The content can be set to their age range with Fisher-Prices Smart Stages Technology. 

The keyboard can detach from the rest of the mat. It was five keys that light up as your child plays with it, and there are five different movable activities and a pair of maracas. The pad is machine washable and has play loops so you can attach your baby’s favorite toys. 


  • Music, Lights, and Sound for multi-faceted play
  • Easy to travel with
  • Lightweight to carry around
  • Many learning opportunities for your baby


  • Small footprint
  • It can be overstimulating for some babies

Tiny Love Meadow Days Super Play Mat

Dimensions59.06 x 39.37 x 0.79 inches
Colors3 color options

This fabric play mat by Tiny Love is the perfect size for oodles of fun. It’s the perfect started mat for tummy time with teethers, pick a boo tree, mirrors, toy attachments, and a crinkly fox tail. All things that will catch and keep your babies attention. 

The plush padded play mat and easily be folded and taken to the park or grandma’s house. The washable mat can even go to the beach. 


  • Stimulated motor skills
  • Toys can attach
  • Nice, large size
  • Lightweight


  • Stitching can come loose with prolonged wear and tear. 
  • Does not come with any toys

Benefits of Baby Floor Mats

There are many benefits to getting a baby floor mat for your child. If you are on the fence about whether or not your little one needs to have a floor mat, consider these features. 

Cushioned Surface for Baby

If your home has all wooden or tile floors, you may need a softer surface for your little one to play on. Many baby floor mats give babies a soft place to play without having too much cushion that they end up being unstable. Little ones are wobbly enough as it is as they begin to work on their motor skills and develop their core strength. They do not need any extra softness to make them less stable. 

Practicing their core skills on a hard surface can also be painful on little hands and knees.  A baby floor mat protects your baby’s joints from any unnecessary pressure and potential pain. Also, the floor mat gives them a soft place to land as they practice holding their head up during tummy time and as your little one begins to crawl. 

Protects Floors from Stains

While floor mats protect your baby from the floor, they also protect your floors from your baby. Spit-up, blowouts, and drool are all common occurrences with a little one. All of which can be pretty unfriendly for your floors, especially if you have a lot of carpet. A baby floor mat will protect your floors from any unexpected occurrences and give you some added protection. 

Visual Development

It is so important to encourage your child’s visual development from day one. Floor mats often come with toy bars, where you can hang various colorful toys for your little one to focus on while they play. The mats themselves also have a lot of visual interest. 

They often are brightly colored with animals, shapes, and letters. All of these designs encourage your child’s visual development as they play. Visual development also aids in the development of baby’s gross and fine motor skills as they grow. 

Gross Motor Development

Floor mats help with developing your baby’s gross motor skills. Baby’s need to build muscles in their arms and legs in order to move to their next developmental phase, crawling. While playing on their baby floor mats, they also build core and muscle strength. All of these building blocks help your child move forward in their development. Tummy time is the building block for so many skills, including walking, hand-eye coordination, speech, sensory. Strong head and neck muscles also encourage your little one to be a better eater.  


Having a play mat all to themselves also encourages independence. You can encourage your baby to have some alone time while they are on the floor mat. Yes, playing together has its developmental benefits, but so does allowing your little one to play and discover on their own. 

Solo play allows them to discover toys and new textures at their own pace. It also can give you the opportunity to do some nearby housework—perfect time to sit on the couch and fold some laundry. 

Things to Consider when Buying a Baby Floor Mat

Size and Thickness

While some mats can be customized to fit your room, most come in a pre-designated size and width. Decide how much space you have available for a baby floor mat. Once you know what you have to work with, you can search for that specific size and shape or find one that can be pieced together. With foam mats that snap together, you can puzzle piece the correct size and shape together and store the remainder. 

Thickness can vary depending on whether or not the mat is foam or fabric. Fabric floor mats are thinner and work best if they are used on top of carpet. However, if you have a lot of tile or hardwood in your home, you want the area your little one plays on to be thick, cushioned, and comfortable. 

Easy to Clean

Babies and spills are synonymous. Look for a play mat that can easily be wiped up if you try tummy time too close to lunchtime. Another option for cloth mats is to purchase one that can be quickly spot treated for small messes and washed in your washing machine when there are more extensive spills or the all to inevitable blowout. 

Portability Between Rooms

Even if you have a designated playroom for your baby, you want a playmat that you can pick up and take from room to room with you. It is also lovely to have a playmat that you can travel with. That way, no matter where you go, your baby will have a clean designated space to play. 


Price is often determined by the rest of the features. Size and functionality play a big part in determining just how much a baby play mat will cost you. The more features a mat has, the more expensive it is. Mats with musical capabilities will cost you more than mats that are just foam. 

Foam squares are likely going to be more economical than mats that come with bars and toys. The more accessories a floor mat has, the higher the price will be. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Floor Mats

While baby play mats are not absolutely necessary to your baby’s development, they are nice to have. They cushion the floor and provide a designated place for your child to play all while protecting your floors. 

However, if getting one is not going to work out, your baby’s growth will not suffer if they just play on the carpet or floor. As an alternative, you can also layout a soft blanket or even a towel if you want to have something between your little one and the floor. 

Thickness comes down to preference and the surface it is going on. Carpet will not need something as cushy as hardwood or tile will. Thickness also depends on how long you plan to use the mat. If you are just using the floor mat while your little one is a small infant, you won’t need nearly as much cushion as you do when they are learning to crawl or walk. 

Safety is always something to look out for with baby products. As long as you find a non-toxic, BPA-free foam mat, it should be perfectly safe for your baby to play on. Always keep an eye on your baby while they are playing to ensure their safety. 

If your little one is teething and has a tendency to take bites out of everything, you won’t want to leave them unattended on the mat since they are easy to take a bite out of and can become a choking hazard. Also, look for a mat with a non-skid backing so it won’t slide out from under them. 

Final Thoughts on Baby Floor Mats

Playmats can be used for playtime all throughout the first year of your baby’s life and beyond. Many parents believe they are not necessary since tummy time is such a brief moment in your child’s development. However, this small window lays the foundation for so much more. Babies will learn fine and gross motor skills while playing on their floor mat. 

The mat also gives them a place to call their own and lays the groundwork for personal growth within boundaries. Whether you get your baby a play mat with a bar and toys or just a foam connecting mat, your little one will use the floor pad more many years to come, having a blast every step of the way.  

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